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  1. Spring break next week looks amazing. 70s and sunshine all week. Hope it holds
  2. How does week of 4/5 look for obx/no. Debating if should book place for spring break
  3. Waking up to such warm weather so early motivated me to run before work at 7 as opposed to lunch time runs.
  4. 82 and will likely either be sunburned or windburned after today. Last meeting moved up so drinks start at 3 and grills on by 5
  5. Feels freaking amazing. 70 already!
  6. I hear ya man. I struggled with how this was handled and was one of last ones to not wear mask until became mandatory. There’s so many reasons why we all processed and reacted differently, so I’ve really been trying to balance holding true to my views but without making others feel uncomfortable.
  7. I wish I could still drink beer a year into this shit. It’s just shots of Tito’s for breakfast these days
  8. I had to go look that place up and wow it looks amazing. I’ll have to stop in there next time up around that way
  9. Sure hope so. We deserve a nice spring after all crap we been through
  10. Warm weather and medical card. Life is good
  11. Im smelling 60s while they chasing pixies
  12. Sucks to see the cold rain after 3 beautiful days, but makes it easier knowing winter is done. Can’t wait to see the trees fill in and the flowers bloom.
  13. Oh yeh that’s a good one. Grabbed card from VA, but no flower here yet. Likely make trip up to DC for my flower needs soon
  14. Sucks things havent work out so much lately, but the many pages of discussion and banter are always good x’s and very much appreciated especially during these crazy times.
  15. Shorts, flops, and grillin and chillin. Can’t freaking wait
  16. At some point y’all will need to sacrifice Ji to the weather gods to get snow around here. Bad juju
  17. Not sure I’ll escape this one with power.
  18. Tempted to reserve hotel room for few days in case lose power. Just not too confident with how this ice will play out
  19. I’d rather have this then a toddler take off his diaper and drop some turd balls all over carpet. Can’t imagine the party around here if lose power...
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