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  1. Not the long range thread I was dreaming of when asked
  2. Sure hope this is the last pot roast I cook for a bit. Ready to fire up the grill everyday
  3. Go ahead and fire it up boss! You’ve done great work this season. Time to turn the lights out around here
  4. Any 70s popping up yet? Kind of tired of the wind and cold
  5. For fucks sake…at least don’t forget to change your clocks
  6. Is this the spring/summer thread? Def ready to catch some waves
  7. Agreed! Kind of like that dude who threw temper tantrums when didn’t see digital snow
  8. Hope y’all got in on that cold rain that you continue to chase. Today def sucked but least the temp will be warmer tomorrow when I wake up then will be when I go to bed tonight.
  9. I hope y’all get cold ass rain as punishment for rooting for this crap during spring. Sick bastards
  10. I’d ask y’all why keep doing this to yourself, but yet here I am still following the discussion (although I am sitting on porch with corona in hand pretending it’s May)
  11. Oh no we can’t do that. Think we have been through enough
  12. Thanks for sharing and kudos to her for leading the way!
  13. So awesome! Had no idea this field was little behind the curve, but so glad to hear about this game changing moment.
  14. Warming up quick. Sun feels hot! Let’s get back to those 70s
  15. @CAPE- Def vote you as best poster this year in LR. Appreciate ya boss!
  16. Sorry man…I def didn’t intend for it to land as insult. More so was admiring your dedication and perseverance and suspected you would be last one standing. Just wanted to ensure you closed the door, so we don’t let the ac out. It’s getting hot out here man
  17. @Maestrobjwa- When you plan on closing up shop around here?
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