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  1. Oh my the tables have turned
  2. Man I step away for few days and the posts go to shit.
  3. I self-moderated my posts to save Mappy work and be respectful of the thread. Hope you enjoyed dinner man
  4. Solid little event. Can’t put up big numbers down here, but least we still get some lovin
  5. Time of day def hurt us. As it got dark things piled up much better. Although we have missed out in comparison to others lately, I still appreciate the eye candy we had so far this season
  6. Sorry man I didn’t mean to upset you like that. Kind of assumed you knew your posts sucked (mine do as well lol) You have to admit the map was def lot cooler than your tweaked out post
  7. You need to just chill man. It ain’t that freakin serious
  8. I thought we had learned by now not to piss off the snow gods? Some of y’all deserve to get burnt for being so greedy. Just appreciate what you get these days
  9. Def not a monster outcome, but it was still a special one. Thanks all for the discussion leading up to this one. Much more fun when everyone has little snow to wet their whistle for the season
  10. May not have been the best storm but so cool to see folks cashing in!
  11. @wxtrixglad y’all enjoyed vaca. I’d take that over snow
  12. We have lost the battle here, but things still look pretty even with grass showing in spots. Hope others get chance to enjoy quick hitter.
  13. It was then went to mixed bag of a mess. Just glad I knew to enjoy what I could with my lil man before the inevitable came thru
  14. Don’t worry she’s always happy when your at work
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