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  1. Now we talking! Let’s keep this up
  2. I blame @stormtrackerfor this shit show
  3. Nothing like waking up to bright sunshine only to step outside and get smacked in the face with dry cold wind.
  4. This spring has sucked so far
  5. Isn’t the cold enough? Don’t need to the wind too. Def moving slow this Monday
  6. I blame @stormtrackerfor this garbage weather
  7. Did you jump ship? We need 70s and sun, not this mess lol
  8. Def not baseball weather. We def do wind well enough to just be miserable but not cool enough to appreciate
  9. Gladly sacrifice today in exchange for beautiful weather this weekend. Plus with basketball on the rain is more of excuse to be a bum today lol
  10. That’s a heck of a view
  11. Come on man. Let’s just close the blinds and meet back here next winter. Please?
  12. Who will be the last one standing for winter?
  13. Today was a good one. Can’t wait until tomorrow
  14. Put some ny strips on the grill tonight to celebrate
  15. Little exhausted down here after being on the lower end each time, but still enjoyed all the tracking and what little did accumulate. Just feels like not our year and if so let’s just start firing the grills up. Also my face is getting tired of 7am runs in 20s…
  16. Filled up the propane tank and going to grill some burgers tonight. Cant wait for spring!
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