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  1. Sucks when have little kids because there is such a big drop off once you get in water. We went to topsail last week and it’s much better beach for kids. I do love the obx vibe tho. The waves were huge on Friday and cut a nice inlet in the beach that kids were boogie boarding in like they were white water rafting lol.
  2. Getting smoked! My fresh cut grass is drinking good tonight
  3. We used to stay about mile from there closer to fishheads/pier. Always loved being so close to fishheads. The water looks even closer to house than I recall, but yeh it’s amazing how much the beach is carved out even with the beach nourishment. I remember being down there couple years ago during kings tide and watched beach get eaten up (pic attached of like 5-7 ft cliffs) Ever since then the beach hasn’t looked the same, but always a blast. Enjoy!
  4. Looks familiar. Nagshead mp17ish?
  5. Unexpected rain…just enough to wet the whistle
  6. Gun to head. What’s the direction/intensity/impact? Feels like good time of forecasting where folks make the call with limited data…
  7. For those going to obx, make sure to stock up on liquor before you go. Major liquor shortages still going on down there and shelves basically empty
  8. Pool water had been on chilly side lately but looks like it will be warm as piss here soon
  9. I’ll say wfh has made those days much easier to tolerate lol, but yeh those days are mood killers I think I’m about ready to give up on the snow chasing and move to beach
  10. I’d say it’s been pretty solid summer. Not too many scorchers, more than normal pleasant days, and just enough rain to quench the thirst. Def will be sad when summer over
  11. Grass (&weeds) are still green and growing pretty well down here. It hasn’t felt rainy, just seems like we’ve had a few healthy days of rain spaced out enough to keep it from getting crispy. Sorry for bogarting the rain
  12. Or we should just learn how to assemble the right rosters. Just get 1 solid big and 2/3 stars and rest role players. Let the stars iso and the role players clean up
  13. I’m sure the weather will be better than forecasted. Hope you have good time
  14. Been a pretty chill summer. Grass is green as well. Just hoping we can get in on some tropical action soon. @WxWatcher007will make it happen
  15. any good streams to get my fix on?
  16. It’s been long time since uncle Tito whooped me like he did yesterday. Yeesh!
  17. Such a beautiful day! Can’t remember the last summer that I had so many low humidity days.
  18. That’s so crazy. I got the same badge, but at first I thought it was just like participation trophy given my post quality isn’t the best, but now knowing you got one as well def has me tooting my own horn over here. Congrats! We crushed it!
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