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  1. I think i was spared with just a warning but yeh no timeouts needed here
  2. If you lost power and had to be stuck living with either Ji or Trix who would you pick?
  3. Thanks I suspect at this point we won’t really know what’s in the bag of goodies or how much of each type until it falls. I know it def felt cold out there for full sun
  4. Is it trending drier? Or shifting precip elsewhere?
  5. Freaking off runs I guess tonight will be the typical Ji pre-storm meltdown? Can’t wait to read it later!
  6. Any thoughts on wind for down in RVA? It wasn’t windy at all last week during ice, but suspect this one looks little breezier which could add more stress
  7. Hoping folks that haven’t cashed in much this year get some lovin from this one.
  8. Might as well enjoy it instead of fighting it. Just make sure to stock up on liquor since abc bailed on us last go around
  9. I’ll take ice over cold rain. It was pretty cool to experience but having power likely made it fun lol
  10. My neighborhood looked so rough this AM. Can’t imagine how it would have been if the ice happened overnight. My electricity and heat were extra appreciated today
  11. Roads were fine but was a pain to get into car. Skating rink everywhere
  12. Thanks for dropping the knowledge! Awesome write up
  13. My snow/sleet/mix bag of goodies from last night is already crusted and perfect for sledding in RVA, so I’ll pass on the ice storm. Also I’m little upset that these maps now always cut off at short pump instead of RVA
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