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  1. Great post. I’m def a fan of baldeagles
  2. I really think our northern folks should take advantage of their accessibility to weed @Bob Chillyou may need to intervene here...
  3. They don’t share our southern hospitality lol.
  4. Confused on how much the trend continues vs hopeful not too much to screw mby
  5. Euro going to deliver for us? Feels like we about to steal some snow
  6. It was cool to see some great rates/big flakes for a few but damn that went too fast and now left with slop. Now I know how wife feels
  7. Just hoping to cover all the mud left behind from all the rain and I’m good. Can’t imagine if I had hours of this stuff
  8. Wish y’all luck on this one! Even if things fail the discussion has been so much better than last year. Cheers to many more
  9. I’m expecting to fail and if so least I have some wings, drinks, and Super Bowl to appreciate it. If I do score, then I’ll just drink even more. It’s a win win situation
  10. Sounds like start time is same as last week for me so just hoping for a repeat over here. Just give me enough to take the kids sledding and I’m good
  11. I’m prepared to the smell the sleet to get the goods
  12. Never get to hear about @psuhoffmanobs. How ya doing up there?
  13. Over-performed with snow underperformed with rain. Big win in my book
  14. I did. He’s on his way to RVA to avoid being fringed
  15. Looks like great day for shift south to continue.
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