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  1. Hopefully we can get some 70s to show up soon
  2. Crazy thing is I always feel like I’m cold this year. Feels like steady 20s in AM or low 30s with no sun. Last year felt so much warmer. Guess wfh has turned me softer than I was
  3. Yeh man just keep posting those maps and I’m sure they will lead us to the promise land
  4. Shout out to @CAPE and @psuhoffman for carrying the torch this year. At least it’s been better to read posts this year
  5. Yeh man you get little doom and gloomy at times, but so much more chill than vajina. He's just so oversaturated
  6. You waited until last sentence to lose your credibility.
  7. Least we used to have Bob chill to balance out vajinas posts
  8. Let’s just cut the bs. When tf is it going to snow?
  9. RVA is destined for this one. Has my name written all over it
  10. I think I should start a thread for this one. It’s a lock
  11. I hope RVA gets smoked and osubum is left questioning the MA boundaries
  12. thanks again for the enlightening discussion and optimism folks. I expect to be let down but least we have hope this year.
  13. Does feel like we are little on edge yet pretending we’re not lol. If we do strike out this year, I hope we can remember the times last year where we said we just wished we had something to discuss. Least it’s not super boring and we have few survivors left to provide play by play. Rip to those we lost last winter...
  14. Def well respected to me. Appreciate the effort
  15. Appreciate being straight shooter this year without same long essays over and over. Don’t let them suck you into telling us 500000 different ways this will suck.
  16. Hoping DC gets some snow over holiday so can grab some devils lettuce and jebwalk around town
  17. @osfan24 you ok bro? Always bitching these days...
  18. I always rely on you to cover for me and hide my posts whenever needed. Unlike others I appreciate it
  19. Hoping we all cash in this year. Pretty sure we have earned it.
  20. Yeh I should have just let it slide. Obvious folks are on edge, but he just came in a little too hot on that one...
  21. I think that comparison is far off, but all good man. Hope you get some snow this year.
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