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  1. Thankful had breeze down in surf city this past week, but it was still pretty rough and muggy each day/night. Not sure I’ve stayed a week with straight wall to wall heat like that with full sun.
  2. Is this the place to discuss the 70s for next week?
  3. Probably 40s and cold rain for spring break
  4. It def warms up quick once that sun hits especially if no wind
  5. Bout time to admit defeat. Def a bummer because my lil one is getting older and hasn’t had many good events like my older boys did but is what it is. Least it’s only 42 days until spring….can’t wait to go on long runs with birds chirping and everything turning green.
  6. Someone blindfold me and hand me a stick
  7. Def been light coverage today but I certainly maximized the fun with my 5 year old knowing these days are hard to come by
  8. Damn man they must have shot you up with horse tranquilizers…
  9. If the snow doesn’t verify then I suspect the cold won’t either right?
  10. Wind hasn’t been much but the rain ain’t miss
  11. Well least it’s not cold rain anymore
  12. Yeesh y’all must have some annoying ass kids to get so fired up over schools closing early
  13. @psuhoffmansolid posts man. I’m sure not all will strike right balance but nice to get the macro view
  14. Thunder and lightening w pellets lol
  15. Not one for rainy messy fall days, but it certainly made it feel little more like thanksgiving around here
  16. Same place the Braves is which is typical for the post season
  17. No gauge here but based on reports around me it was about 4+. Def helped the fertilizer for grass settle in
  18. winds died down but the rains heaviest it’s been with it right over top of me
  19. Back into a lull. Not much excitement so far but sometimes just need a good steady rain and cool breeze to force you to be little lazy. It’s def good eatin weather too
  20. Nice little steady rain few mins ago and been breezy all day. Not fan of cloudy days but today felt nice although tad chilly Hopefully get in on a little action, but if not least there’s something to track
  21. Feels like rain forest out here
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