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  1. Snow falling with wildcard games on would be a great 3 day weekend
  2. The less we bitch the more it snows. Don’t bring the bad juju…
  3. Feels good knowing my posts aren’t the worst around here
  4. I was just messing with you. Def not salty. I appreciate you keeping me in check as always. We may need a welfare check on @Maestrobjwasoon tho
  5. No compassion already happened the 999 times he whined about snow. I think this is patience at this point
  6. You did a much better job than me talking him off the ledge. Are you a hostage negotiator?
  7. Get help bro or just shut up some
  8. @Maestrobjwa The folks above me have been way nicer than should have been. It’s about time you man up or step away dude.
  9. Even if end a little low it’s still been a cool storm. Def will be some what if’s but just trying to appreciate the uniqueness of this storm
  10. Really enjoyed reading the discussion over past couple days. Nice distraction from the crazy x’s we live in.
  11. At the end of day we got some potential here and that’s a lot better than we had few weeks ago when it was warm/dry. Its been little wetter around here past week or so too…makes ya wonder if we timed the precip better this year. Beggers can’t be choosers these days tho, so I’m just going to try to enjoy whatever happens.
  12. Guess this will be first snow since relaxed the weed around here. Just hoping for some nice scenery to walk around while puffing a big doobie
  13. If you plan to visit the short pump, you may to ask them for permission.
  14. That’s about how I feel about snow too. It’s almost like living beach year around…unsure I could truly appreciate the good moments if my favorite times became the norm
  15. Sure hope it snows soon, but if not I’ll be sure to least appreciate the good discussions popping up.
  16. @WxWatcher007 so so sorry for your loss. I hope you are able find comfort in the memories yall shared together. Take care buddy
  17. Enjoyed the Easter celebration today
  18. Maybe the was crappy weather today was needed to break the seal
  19. Somewhat agree although at some point it’s time to stop recycling these old white guys and try to find a sleeper. May need a Rooney rule in baseball at some point…
  20. Man that’s tough to watch. Feel so awful for those folks
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