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  1. Think this also applies for when those snow maps are posted
  2. Really sucks the fog decided to come in on night where folks may not be in their best shape. Hope folks stay safe
  3. Sounds like winter will be cancelled soon, so guess it’s for the best that we just torch through winter vs be cold and dry.
  4. Yeh man we did that down here yesterday. Think we level up today to shorts and margaritas
  5. I know deep down some of y’all got to be appreciating how great it feels out there.
  6. This is probably good time to hop on quick zoom call to talk this one through
  7. Sounds like the right way to bring in the new year
  8. Today warmed up nicely. Going to fire up the grill tomorrow and just enjoy the sunny days
  9. Exactly! I appreciated the “storm”, but no need to keep that level of cold going without snow chances. The 40s sure are feeling great today. Able to step out comfortably, recharge a bit, and get ready for our next chances
  10. On the bright side 70s sound amazing
  11. This last round came in hot down here in RVA. Heavy rain with quite few thunder booms. If only it was snow
  12. Squirrels went pretty nuts this year too
  13. Even your “ditto” post add so much value around here. Look forward to hearing your thoughts when time permits
  14. So beautiful out! Love these type of fall days over the cold rainy leaves stuck to ground shit that’s ahead of us
  15. I’ll take the key west temp please
  16. Winds ripping and I’m hammered. Success!
  17. I’d pop a tent for an inch at this point
  18. Happy bday man! Hope your wish comes true so we can get some awesome analysis and obs
  19. I’ll take repeat of this weekend please
  20. Pool drunk hits harder than snow drunk
  21. Def wears on me mentally when we have these stretches of crap weather. Sun is good for the soul
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