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  1. Sucks to see summer flying by. Hope folks been able to enjoy themselves Sure do miss those crisp June days and nights that feel so long ago but man still been solid summer. Thankfully the skeeters seem to be better than usual too
  2. Shit day but could always be shittier
  3. Hope weather stays good for ya. Actually turned out ok here today although wind can be tad chilly. I’ve gotten away from smoking bbq compared to how much did back in the day, but when food lion runs them for .99/lb during holiday I figured why not. Otherwise I’d be just using the crock pot lol
  4. Little chilly and dreary but got butt on the smoker and soon booze in the belly, so life is good
  5. Winter may have sucked but least we got a nice spring. Hope everyone doing well and enjoying these beautiful days. Shame weekend looks rough, but hey it can’t always be sunshine and roses
  6. Was little toasty for April, but it still felt great. Def ready for pool season
  7. Not the long range thread I was dreaming of when asked
  8. Sure hope this is the last pot roast I cook for a bit. Ready to fire up the grill everyday
  9. Go ahead and fire it up boss! You’ve done great work this season. Time to turn the lights out around here
  10. Any 70s popping up yet? Kind of tired of the wind and cold
  11. For fucks sake…at least don’t forget to change your clocks
  12. Is this the spring/summer thread? Def ready to catch some waves
  13. Agreed! Kind of like that dude who threw temper tantrums when didn’t see digital snow
  14. Hope y’all got in on that cold rain that you continue to chase. Today def sucked but least the temp will be warmer tomorrow when I wake up then will be when I go to bed tonight.
  15. I hope y’all get cold ass rain as punishment for rooting for this crap during spring. Sick bastards
  16. I’d ask y’all why keep doing this to yourself, but yet here I am still following the discussion (although I am sitting on porch with corona in hand pretending it’s May)
  17. Oh no we can’t do that. Think we have been through enough
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