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  1. Memorial Day weekend looks a little too chilly for swimming.
  2. That’s awesome! I bet y’all will be highly productive during winter
  3. Yeh I don’t think she can help who she is or even realizes how shitty she comes across at times to folks, but it’s best to just pray for her and hope she do better.
  4. Little out loop on dc guidelines - any word if full capacity for wiz playoff game? Be cool to take my boy to
  5. Yeh deep down that feels kind of a shitty. We may not all care tho because we want people to be vaccinated, but to play off someone’s habits/flaws to achieve our own agenda feels little inconsiderate and manipulative Feels intentionally targeted to specific and vulnerable population
  6. Agreed it’s getting little crunchy.
  7. Bring the heat! I can’t wait for pool days
  8. Back to beer... What is a good warm weather beer to transition to after hibernating with stouts?
  9. In fairness, I wiped my own posts (man that sounds filthy) because I really wasn’t intending to create drama. It felt like healthy discussion topic until Mrs. Phineas got excited, so figured just kill it
  10. Yep, but let’s just have the temp from 6am-10am little bit warmer. Thankfully I hear the heat is coming, so pretty sure I’ll be complaining it’s too hot/too early soon
  11. No worries, but thanks for sharing the article. Really enjoyed the section on “Things we don’t know”
  12. See post above. I wasn’t insulting you, just more so analyzing your personality. We all know someone like you and as frustrating and annoying as it is, we have to remember you can’t help it, it’s just who you are for whatever reason. If you had the self awareness you wouldn’t be this way, so I try not to take it personal anymore
  13. Yeh def get that part. Just still feels like a lot to learn about it such as Is one brand more effective? Was it a variant? Why were 6/7 asymptomatic? We don’t often to get to hear about many of the folks that still get it after being vaccinated, so with these happening to a professional sports team, it would be nice to hear little more about the data and learnings
  14. You know everything lol. Take care.
  15. 7 Yankees tested positive even after being vaccinated. Just seems like there is so much still to learn
  16. Windy, cloudy, cold. Hope sun makes appearance later today.
  17. Def out of gas around here. So stupid. Crazy how effective social media is with manipulating folks and politicizing everything.
  18. Yeh I’m really trying not to complain because could be worse, but I hate days where it takes so long for sun to come out to salvage the little bit left of day. That said I’m glad the sun made a visit
  19. How we looking long term? I’d rather just have some heat then this dreary crap. At least with heat the pools be ready to go come Memorial Day
  20. Def was hard to get going on this Monday
  21. Hope all the moms out there have an amazing day tomorrow. Thanks for all y’all do! Happy Mother’s Day!
  22. It’s been a pleasant spring but def has felt like there has been too many cold mornings.
  23. Def toasty. It’s got that “should be day drinking at the pool” kind of vibe. Can’t wait for chill days of summer, but I’d prefer it tad cooler until we get there
  24. Glad to get some rain today. Don’t really have allergies but felt like I had rocks in my eyes after cutting grass other day. Def been a bright green spring
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