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  1. Meh...or reason to be complacent. We know how to prepare for snow, but tornados always seem like fake news
  2. I was one of them as it was only few mins from my house. I’m used to the typical warning and everyone stops what doing to shelter, however today was so many warnings in few hours you just kind of became numb to it
  3. Here is another pic of around Jeanette’s pier in Nags head where they measured 10 foot drop. The rain has been brutal here on the coast
  4. Beaches in nags head have taken a beating since Saturday. Now back to dunes with about 5-10 foot sand cliff in some spots
  5. Stop trying to cockblock my snow with this drought talk. 3” again for RVA
  6. @Jebman Trying to figure out how much snow going to get. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your foot pain tonight?
  7. Roger’s 10” call for RIC def justifies shots of Titos.
  8. No doubt about it, we are going to get smoked!
  9. Meh...we don’t need guidance. Once that Jebman fella said he was getting that pain in his foot I knew the snow was a lock
  10. I think 3-4” is safe call for RIC and DC. Pretty sure the GFS will get folks little excited later
  11. This is one of those storms where you just say screw the models and realize it’s meant to be.
  12. Lol...what’s your excuse for the other days the eagles haven’t been playing? BTW the game today didn’t really mean anything, so not worth gettin pissy over. The kid is pretty passionate about weather and extremely intelligent, so although it may not happen I cetainly enjoy his perspective. Instead of crapping on his thoughts, just appreciate his passion or ignore.
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