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  1. As much as I thought some of y’all were nuts, I still found hearing your thoughts and perspectives valuable in understanding where folks were coming from. Less about right or wrong but more about how to co-exist with folks that don’t see it like I do Edit: Except for the trick. That person just sucked ass
  2. I’d love to drink good beer everyday, but at this point shots of Tito's feels more efficient I also feel like Tito's has kept me healthy, so I won’t be participating in the mandatory mask stuff here in VA.
  3. 72 and sun finally starting to poke through. Why does it take so long for sun to come out everyday? Are we stuck in some crap pattern that won’t let go until we hit 90s and roast? Or is this so I don’t start drinking at noon everyday?
  4. I just need to see the sun especially with all this stuff going on. It seems like even when we do get sun we have to wait until 10/11am befor things clear out. Past few sprigs haven’t felt too clean
  5. Stupid ass weather. Can’t ever get more than a day or so of sun before it turns to shit
  6. I love stouts so much but def not a bourbon guy so feel like I miss out on lot of releases. I also like my coffee iced so maybe that bourbon burn is what steers me away.
  7. 72 and sun out for first time all week. I may have to drink my lunch today
  8. Love the coffee flavor on this one. Brought the warmth to a gloomy chilly day, but yet not too heavy.
  9. Yesterday I didn’t drink because weather sucked. Today I drinked because weather sucked
  10. This weather is torture. Need to see sun asap
  11. Haha I think the weather was just my excuse to finally take much needed break. Got to be ready for a rough holiday weekend coming up
  12. Resting the liver while the weather is crappy
  13. We are scheduled to start playing ball in couple weeks once/if phase 2 happens.
  14. 85 and hangjng w/uncle tito. He always gives me his best shot
  15. What do folks that generally drink stouts prefer when the temps heat up? Trying to find a good warm weather beer, but haven’t had much luck...
  16. So my work mentioned a October return date earlier this week, but by that point we get folks sniffling. Do we really think big offices go back before then? Or do we push it to next spring?
  17. Haha...that’s awesome! Trixie def isn’t worthy of uncle tito tho.
  18. I try so hard to drink my stouts, but i always just revert back to uncle tito
  19. You seem to know it all while putting everyone else down,, so I’m going to follow your lead. Thanks for sharing your knowledge trixie
  20. You got it all figured out tricks. I’m just going to follow your lead...
  21. Yeh I don’t know ya either but you seem to be very opinionated and not very receptive to others thoughts. I do appreciate your comments but I bet you do piss a lot of folks off, yet lack the self awareness to realize how much you suck. All good tho it’s just who you are...
  22. Sorry I got your name wrong...
  23. Just disappointed this thread lacked a true open discussion. It’s like you had 4 to 5 tweakers, a WV trick, a moderator with a bias, and with all of it combined, it prevented a really healthy discussion from some very bright folks. The worse part is many of these posters likely have kids they talk to about bullying and kindness to others, yet here they are as adults pretending they have this all figured it out and shitting on people in forum just because their views differ. Do better folks.
  24. This sounds delicious but also worry may be too sweet for me. Does it get too much after few sips in?
  25. With winter being over, we have folks hugging corona model runs/updates each day to get their fix in. Guess they figured they can’t predict the snow, so may as well try to predict death rates and when it’s ok for folks to go outside.
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