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  1. Had to pack the car for the beach in that mess
  2. Good display of discipline during such shitty times. Be proud of your self
  3. Thanks for sharing. Been a crazy year and drinking def catching up to me, so need to pull back myself. Just imagine there are going to be lot of people running into all kinds of issues coming out of a tough year...
  4. I try so hard to wait myself lol
  5. HH starts at 2pm these days since we have passed July 4th
  6. I don’t know what the hell im looking at, but it doesn’t sound as cool as when these are posted during winter
  7. My neighborhood sounded like war zone last night. Folks really went all out this year lol
  8. Toasty so might as well get toasted
  9. Been in obx since Saturday and it’s been pretty miserable. Thankfully I got 2nd trip later in summer but this has been rough one
  10. Of course because it knows I’ll be at the beach and my typical start time of drinking at noon needs to be moved up to 9am to account for the chasing kids around
  11. Agree. Sun and storms are fine. But dreary cloudy rainy days just suck
  12. Heading to obx next week so figured weather would suck. How bad does it look?
  13. I sure wish we could squeeze few more of these days in before we roast. This is perfect weather. Gives you a little pep in your step waking up to this
  14. Assume 2020 will be considered the worst year? What a mess
  15. We missed your long essays chief. Glad your feeling better. Take care
  16. As much as I thought some of y’all were nuts, I still found hearing your thoughts and perspectives valuable in understanding where folks were coming from. Less about right or wrong but more about how to co-exist with folks that don’t see it like I do Edit: Except for the trick. That person just sucked ass
  17. I’d love to drink good beer everyday, but at this point shots of Tito's feels more efficient I also feel like Tito's has kept me healthy, so I won’t be participating in the mandatory mask stuff here in VA.
  18. 72 and sun finally starting to poke through. Why does it take so long for sun to come out everyday? Are we stuck in some crap pattern that won’t let go until we hit 90s and roast? Or is this so I don’t start drinking at noon everyday?
  19. I just need to see the sun especially with all this stuff going on. It seems like even when we do get sun we have to wait until 10/11am befor things clear out. Past few sprigs haven’t felt too clean
  20. Stupid ass weather. Can’t ever get more than a day or so of sun before it turns to shit
  21. I love stouts so much but def not a bourbon guy so feel like I miss out on lot of releases. I also like my coffee iced so maybe that bourbon burn is what steers me away.
  22. 72 and sun out for first time all week. I may have to drink my lunch today
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