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  1. Chuck was right...it’s just RICs year to shine.
  2. I was speaking with Chuck earlier and we both agreed the cyclical nature of this really favors the same locations impacted on 12/10. I think dc folks may see few flakes...just enough to wet the whistle and leave folks dangling from the cliff.
  3. Typically I would feel bad for RIC stealing yalls snow again, but @Bob ChiII taught me this is a mby type vibe around these parts, so I’m def rooting for RIC jackpot with sharp cutoff north. #atmosphericmemorybro
  4. That’s brutal. Once the VDOT plow gets done pushing the 14” off my street, I’ll send him up your way
  5. I just did the same for 2nd time tonight. The first time shoveling around 4 wasn’t too bad, but that second round was pretty rough
  6. Yeh this has been a doozy. Im about 10.5” myself around courthouse/hull
  7. Man what a great storm and for it to be during day has been awesome
  8. I hope we do ok here in RIC, but it will feel bittersweet if folks up north don’t cash in as well. Really appreciate the work y’all do and hoping this one shares the love with y’all.
  9. Winds started howling and power finally out. Feel like gusting about 50 here
  10. Wind just starting ripping in Chesterfield/Richmond and power flickering. Rain had def picked up like crazy
  11. Meh...or reason to be complacent. We know how to prepare for snow, but tornados always seem like fake news
  12. I was one of them as it was only few mins from my house. I’m used to the typical warning and everyone stops what doing to shelter, however today was so many warnings in few hours you just kind of became numb to it
  13. Here is another pic of around Jeanette’s pier in Nags head where they measured 10 foot drop. The rain has been brutal here on the coast
  14. Beaches in nags head have taken a beating since Saturday. Now back to dunes with about 5-10 foot sand cliff in some spots
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