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  1. They bull trapped AMC at 10:05 est and it looks like sh*t now. set your stop losses.
  2. Linked for your viewing pleasure.
  3. wow, what a gut punch. I feel terribly for his parents and loved ones. He will certainly be missed.
  4. seems appropriate on a day like today:
  5. He threatened to call the cops on me like a month or two ago. Lol. I wouldn’t sweat it. trolls gunna troll.
  6. So exactly like I said- next to none...20? and how much AUM dedicated to cryptos? I'm not trying to pick a fight here. I just know this space extremely extremely well. My pt was...there is not institutional money here as a backstop to stop this slide.
  7. There is very very very little institutional money in crypto. Like next to none. just checking in and saw the sell off accelerating as we near the open. Has me thinking...maybe I should finally complete the KYC process so I can buy some of this crap in the next 24-48 hours.
  8. Positive Spin- the amount of crypto talk in general public discourse is about to nose dive.
  9. Difference between the expected price of a trade and what you are actually able to execute at. 12% is outrageous.
  10. Tough day for the anti-vax, anti-mask crowd.
  11. I mean I guess some of it is yolo $$. But I fear most isn’t. In January you had chamath and even like portnoy telling people to stick it to the hedge funds and buy amc, bb, gme etc. How’d that work out for most of those people following- not great. There’s a similar cultish feel to crypto where by holding it you’re making some sort of statement. So ya I imagine the pain/ vol cuts across all sorts of socioeconomic levels and isn’t viewed as gambling by most. Tho it should be.
  12. I was behind facetious...but seriously how do people pedaling crypto as a way forward sleep at night after seeing the price action today/tonight. I don’t agree with Phin much, but he’s right...don’t believe anything anyone says publicly...especially hedge fund managers and apparently as in this case, snake oil salesmen as well. i think it’s much more about ESG and qualification for those indexes...big money there and if Tesla was excluded...yikes. Especially for that house of cards.
  13. Let’s get back on topic...BTC and really the whole crypto complex- knifing at the moment down 10-20%. We had the inflation print this am...followed by this. So what exactly is the thesis and don’t say ‘blockchain’. I can’t buy things with it, it’s not a hedge against inflation, and regression to the S&P isn’t compelling enough to be viewed as an uncorrelated asset.
  14. @N. OF PIKE I know you’re a technical analysis guy... been watching a theme last 5 days of individual names getting knifed below support and immediately ripped higher. Then it happened to me today- had a stop well below what I deemed to be very good support (was looking for a retest and then breakout but had a meeting and couldn’t watch it). It ripped lower breaking two levels and then 10 ticks later up 5 levels. You seeing anything thematically similar?
  15. How do you know someone went to Cornell? They tell you. I’ll be here all week, tip your waitress.
  16. We might be witnessing the biggest labor reorganization in history. All by way of ‘closed for the day’ signs in fast food restaurant windows. The ramifications will be fascinating to watch.
  17. My evergreen response to anyone that ever says anything about ‘the fed’ courtesy of the latest Tyro quarterly
  18. Can you explain to me the actual transactions taking place? And if you buy on RH is it the same or is it different than a regular crypto exchange? I understand it as: USD->ETH->DOGE (or whatever) and out is likewise DOGE->ETH-> USD. Is that really what happens when you transact?
  19. That wasn’t directed at you- more the entire sh*tcoin movement. I know from your posts your not just blindly throwing cash at stuff. but even beyond the sh*itcoins, I still don’t see a utility for crypto- like at all. i just don’t get the appeal other than the returns obviously. I seriously hope all you guys get fabulously wealthy off of this. Like FU money rich. Just know when to take ur profits and run, scale in and scale out. My pt was there many other ‘easier’ ways to make $$ in the market lately.
  20. There's been plenty of fun to be had just in small caps this past week...forget sh*tcoins OCGN, PIXY, PRPO UXIN....was able to bag +20% on all of these. you guys chasing coins are doing it wrong.
  21. Ya don’t do this...please. Unless you’re 80.
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