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  2. It’s hard to be very positive about the pacific. We’ve been in a very Nina ish hostile background state even when the SSTs weren’t that bad across the pacific basin. There has been good discussion and speculation about the SST patterns near the maritime continent and correlated mjo impacts being a cause. But it’s hard to imagine an actual Nina would improve that. The Atlantic side is always the wildcard though. At some point the NAO will go negative again in winter. Anyone holding their breath died a long time ago though.
  3. ^ if the Houston to London flights are still ongoing, they ought to be able to shave a few minutes off of the flight time.
  4. Sounds like altitude is only a secondary effect of your problems. What is the original cause of the breathing problems? Is it allergies? Is it bronchial? Lung surgery due to injury or illness? Covid complications?
  5. Tonight was all about the views to the south and the east. Starting off when I got to the pond with a view to the south... Followed up with a view to the east... Then a combo view of the south and the east... And ending the evening with a little color to the east...
  6. Science and technology will help us win in the end, so I'm not sure I'd say never. I'm definitely not convinced the old American Way will be part of our future, though.
  7. High for the day yesterday was 92 here. Current temp 77/DP 66/RH 70%
  8. High for the day yesterday was 92 here. Current temp 77/DP 66/RH 70%
  9. As much as I dont want to get political this does strengthen the argument for universal healthcare at least at a bare minimum for emergency.
  10. I was one that originally thought that immunity would help but this is looking like limited immunity. I am starting to fear that until a vaccine is done we may be in some trouble.
  11. 1000% agree. I got laid off awhile ago and as soon as my cobra ran out I got a sprained ankle playing hockey and my wife had to have emergency kidney stone surgery in the same week. It set me back quite a bit.
  12. Death isnt the impact to look at. We have thousands in hospitals with compromised respiratory systems of all ages except for young kids. That is a problem.
  13. So what you're telling me is life is never going to be the same?
  14. Mr. Covid’s Wild Ride never ends
  15. This pandemic is exposing the employee based insurance to be a liability.
  16. another big ol' check in the bad news column. re-infections have occurred within a few months for some people and are often worse the 2nd time around. rosy visions of herd immunity and vaccines knocking this out should be put on hold until larger-sample-sized studies can be done.
  17. That guy is good, he's out of Bethlehem pa. I also like Zach Allen's videos. He's all about shallowing the club at the beginning if the downswing. In fact, I was thinking about ponying up the $60 to get his more in-depth lessons. Haven't pulled the trigger on it yet. Sent from my SM-A505U using Tapatalk
  18. toally agree 100%. I can't tell you how many people i've talked to that said they are just rolling in the free money right now. Normally this is the slowest time of the year for my business but I am busier now than i am in my typical busy time of year. Once the PUA runs out, a whole lot more people are going to be hurting
  19. It looks like we have an area of showers and a few thunderstorm about to move into the NYC metro. Nothing severe but we could have some heavy rain, thunder and lightning.
  20. Fellow wx freaks. Be thankful you don't live in Floridah. Virus is totally in control, the narrative coming from the politians doesn't fit what's actually occurring. I moved trying to distance myself. Nearest neighbor is over a thousand feet away. Surrounded self by 10 acres. Room to spread out, eventually a self sustainable off the grid farm. Two barns, 2500 sq/ft. of house. A ton of work. LOL Into full summer here Temp 95F daily, dews mid upper 70's. Soon I'll get my instruments up and working just in time for hurricane season.
  21. About 1:12 into this video you will see the kitchen or open market food prep going on: (I don't remember mentioning a T-storm event circa 2003. Can't help with that one)
  22. Yup, gonna get wet. Bummer, I was hoping to ride in the morning.
  23. That was a quick one. Tree debris all over the deck. I am sure I will be moving some branches off the driveway heading out tomorrow morning. 0.14" in the rain gauge, but it was sideways so likely was a bit more.
  24. It's not just old and fat people getting this. Lots of younger people are getting infected by this virus. But 95%+ of the deaths are from old people and those with pre-existing conditions. Very few healthy people die from this. And yes I know there are examples of this, but they are few compared to the general sample size.
  25. A few garden variety storms would be nice
  26. Seems a bit better consensus DC can hit 90 tomorrow as we close.
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