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  2. Should be some good totals up in E Dacks and VT.
  3. Well this certainly would be interesting for us, but I don’t see any chance it does.
  4. Can’t have a proper debate with a bull. They must cut off mics, otherwise it’s just a lunatic yelling over everyone.
  5. ~1" give or take a few hundredths from S>N. Looks like it's gonna be a wet overnight.
  6. I just spent 90 minutes of my life that I will never get back watching a clown show. All I have to show for it is a massive headache.
  7. Brief shower coming thru but looks hit or miss for now on radar.
  8. Over half a years worth of rain in two months.
  9. 68/66, that's impressive for 11pm on Sept 29th.
  10. Calling it a day at 1.37”. Nice haul and nice win for the Yankees.
  11. Swamp maples are dropping quite a few leaves down here. Getting some color in the oaks as well.
  12. BWI: 10/27 IAD: 10/27 DCA: 11/14 RIC: 11/13 TB: Warmest October Temperature: 81F
  13. Today
  14. HRRR really cuts back rain in Harrisburg - goes from 1.5” to less than .5” it looks like.
  15. Took a trip around the county this afternoon hoping for some good clouds. I always stop for clouds... The harvest is on-going here... This might be a bit dark but I did not want to blow-our any of the whites in the clouds...
  16. Nearest PWS shows 1.46 so far. This has been a real soaker.
  17. Half inch for us by the time we're done
  18. 73/65 split today...0.35" rain so far.
  19. There is a lot of moisture building down south in the Carolina’s and mid-Atlantic. Looks like it’s going negative tilt like Coastalwx mentioned... rotating bands a bit westward as they move north down near ALB and eastern PA.
  20. Radar looks set up for another decent slug to move in here soon.
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