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  2. not regarding wx outcomes...heh
  3. Ah, the EURO with the next tracking debacle to appropriately close this fine month. Two days to meltdown? Four?
  4. Euro paints a more interesting picture. It also looks substantially better than what it showed 2 days ago. With a lot of luck something good could come out of this.
  5. So, yeah..the Euro. At this point, I'd take it. Check please
  6. New Euro drops 0.7-0.8" of precip mainly in the form of snow on the QCA through late Sat. Even with <10:1 LSRs that would still yield over 5" of snow. Thinking the 2-4" call will bust low, and 4-7" would likely be the better call for the official total. Due to melting/compaction/lull periods the net accumulation will still likely be <4" however.
  7. The Canadian trying to toss us a bone.
  8. I have a feeling that Feb will deliver a few board wide winter storms. Just a feeling.
  9. It seemed the cutoff was 412 north for the half inch, then south of here near the tunnel. We are in a giant donut hole here in Fayetteville, has to be the terrain or something idk...baffles the brain lol. When I saw that band coming this morning on radar I for surely thought it was going to be snow, it did snow but it nearly lasted 1 minute or so and switched right over to light sleet. Weather can be so so strange ya know
  10. We peaked at 30-31º, then fell back to 29º during the better snow. With the snow done, it's back to 30º.
  11. Also everytime he is in the bullseye...he said a southern mid Atlantic storm which almost always is a dc to boston storm and he gets sleet to rain I never said such a thing.
  12. What has your temp been like? LOT was saying that ratios upstream were running less than 10:1
  13. Some nice snow globe action with some nice enhanced blobs of snow returns moving through. Pushing an inch now and adding up nicely.
  14. We're down to about 3 or 4 weeks of time left......Nemo came in early February.....if we get that I'm good....short of that this winter can GFI......thats it
  15. Waiting on the GEFS MJO forecast. It's been quickly looping into the COD and going back into the COD phase 8. Which is probably why it's been looking so wintry day 8-16. EMOM would basically end winter as it loops the MJO in 5 for the next month.
  16. Also everytime he is in the bullseye...he said a southern mid Atlantic storm which almost always is a dc to boston storm and he gets sleet to rain
  17. I picked up 2.2" from the first wave. The snow seems fairly fluffy. I was hoping light snow would continue all night, but it looks mostly over. Maybe I can pick up a couple more inches if the wave 2 defo band can get up here in decent shape.
  18. Didnt he cancel winter just 2 days ago? Funny how that works.
  19. The best sign I'm getting alot of snow Congrats dt
  20. Does it have credibility now that it passed America's latest engineering feat?
  21. A bit of scattered snow on the GFS and Canadian inside 10 days, especially higher elevations. GFS went off the rails in the long range compared to the past few runs.
  22. Canadian is a light to moderate event for a good bit of the forum until you get to that bullseye between dc and ric. Yeah, right. Anyway, it's not going to play out like that, but it's another model in the 'interesting" camp.
  23. To add to that post, in the preceding 40 years MDT had only broken 40” 6 times, 50” 2 times, and not once over 51”. In the 40 years after MDT broke 40” 12 times 50” 8 times, 60” 5 times and 70” 4 times. I have a strong feeling when people talk about all the snow we “used “ to get they remember the winters of 1960-1961 through the winter of 1969-1970. That is easily the most insane 10 year stretch in all of the recorded weather data for snowfall at KMDT 1960 81.3” 1961. 51.6” 1962 50.5” 1963. 74.7” 1964 31.8” 1965 42.6” 1966 48.4” 1967 31.0” 1968 25.0” 1969 60.6” If you take the average seasonal snowfall to be 30.6” then 9/10 years were above normal. 6/10 were 150%+ of normal and 3/10 were almost 200% or above of normal. Hell, that decade averaged 49.75”, 163% of normal. What’s remarkable is there aren’t a lot of storms on the top 10, even top 20 list from that decade to what we might expect given our winters of the last 20 years and there penchant to either go big storm or torch. . Pro
  24. CMC is setting up a nice event. All guidance honking.
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