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  2. This pandemic has exposed a major weakness in America. Hopefully we learn from this
  3. Just as I thought Matsuyama might really start to put some space between himself an the field, he just air mailed the 18th green.
  4. The rain has returned. Least it stayed cloudy after the fog burned off and stayed in the low 60's ( AKA NORMAL) for the day. Got a lot of outside work done until the rain ran me in at 5 pm.
  5. What a garbage system so far. .12” of rain. Real soaker...
  6. Surely that means they have some info that not all the vaccines they currently have are getting used? Seems strange.
  7. Pit 2 had a high of 75 at noon--it then dropped since to the current 51*. Back to the way spring is supposed to be in the Midcoast.
  8. I'm expecting a couple days of rain (1-2") to move in starting tomorrow. Cool, easterly fetch and wet. Very typical April weather.
  9. I don’t think they did..... they are in the ground... they’ve been in for a week now. It was like upper 20s from what I have on my station. The tops are really black... the bottoms not as black... but I just watered them and they were dropping leaves like crazy
  10. Up to 2.32" so far. Dry slot about to arrive so will see a several hour break. May get another half inch or so later this evening/overnight. Lots of standing water out there.
  11. Just curious, but this SO2 plume could have an effect on the coming summer. Something to watch. It is being lifted to about 16km. Any more big puffs like this and it probably will have a decent impact. Watch for real cool sunsets in the coming weeks or at least pics of them from different places around the world.
  12. Over the next couple days, not just tomorrow.
  13. Just incredible. Third week of June continues. At least this high but may be warmer between hourly obs: BTV/MVL/HIE/BML all 76F Another record high for the picnic tables on Mansfield. Yesterday set the record max and record high min.
  14. Real estate banter is better than fighting about masks. On the subject of the virus, it sounds like extra personnel but not extra vaccines are going to be sent to Michigan. Interesting decision.
  15. I am kinda perplexed that the guy is 80. They have a compound up there and the dude I interacted with who I thought was doing the obs was definitely not 80 unless he is like Aragorn from Lord of the Rings or something. I suspect it’s a typo.
  16. Gfs lookin better then 12z . Just need more consolidation at h5
  17. They didn’t ship dormant? They’ll probably come back. Are they in the ground or did you leave them in the pots? How cold did it get?
  18. Well one like a hive type like the Borg in STNG would be. As a matter of fact we are being assimilated right now.
  19. Interesting that the guy is 80. Dont want to disparage the elderly, but could explain some of the discrepancies in reporting. The Woodford observer down here in SVT has had some questionable obs, but found out she was like 88 yrs old or something, so kind of makes sense.
  20. Let us know how much tomorrow. My guess is .12 there
  21. It’s shaping up to be a fun Sunday.
  22. No but they just mentioned it as Justin Thomas butchered that hole
  23. This thread is getting into shut it down territory.
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