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2023 Mountains Spring/Summer Thread

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34 minutes ago, calculus1 said:

You the man! A 25K. With elevation. Nice.

My boys run cross country, but I haven’t ran anything near that in a long time. Hike? Yes. Run? No. emoji16.png


I couldn't run that far if a bear was chasing me

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Foothills locations have really started drying out the past few weeks. 10 day rainfall looks pretty meager too (although the GFS and Euro don't agree). Could be a dry fall unless we get tropical systems. We shall see. 

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1 hour ago, Buckethead said:

I hit 82 today. Thats the warmest temp Ive observed here in the 6½ years I've lived in Wolf. Previously the warmest I've recorded was 79.

Those 40's and 50' look really nice next week!

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Yeah we hit 84 here with a low of 61 and a current temp of 78 degrees.  Looks like the wet pattern will return along with some early Fall temps.  Just in time for the first of September. 

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23 hours ago, Met1985 said:

The current and past gfs brings in the subtropical low from the gulf right over us with several inches of rainfall. The euro brings the low south of us. We will see. Besides that we will get back into a wetter pattern.qpf_acc-imp.us_ma.jpg

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I hope we get some good rain out of this. I know it doesn’t happen often but the southern escarpment needs it. 

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