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Potential of Widespread Snow/ Mixed Precipitation 2/25

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so it goes from 50s and 60s all week next week to out of no where to 40s thursday and 30s on fri. I swear abc said long term out look is very warm and next week 60s I think last thursday. I saw this just earlier today could be a major winter storm for our area in a youtube vid i was like huh what are you talking about then looked at forecast 

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32 minutes ago, tombo82685 said:

ggem, looks good, gets mixing to about bgm, bit colder than 12z

Pretty damn close. Might be few hours of mix. Idk why 12z and 0z runs won't load past 63 hours on weatherbell. These other sites are loading fine.

Edit: 0z run seems to be moving along now (87 hours)


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4 minutes ago, rochesterdave said:

You sure know how to make friends 

While we're rhyming, I created a poem dedicated to him:


Lake enhanced snows look pretty grim

For our weenie friend, the little tim

A troll sure likes to argue with others

Must not get enough lover from their mothers

From the basement he gives a chuckle and snort

As he posts endless pictures of ROC Webcam

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