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  1. Another example could be 2004. I believe an El Nino developed that year, with the summer being a bust in the east. That being said, I believe any warmth we did have that year was in May.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but would it not be unusual to have a hot summer when an El Nino is developing? Those summers tend to be cooler than average, or average at best. I think of the summers of 1976, 1992 and 1997, to name a few, although Mount Pinatubo likely played a role in making summer 1992 so cool. One exception would appear to be 2002, which had a cool spring, but a hot summer.
  3. Well...almost everyone. Toronto got only 1.5-2". Perhaps one day we'll get another 12" storm. Really happy for everyone else, though.
  4. Congratulations to the New York crew. I finished up with 2" here in Toronto.
  5. I've measured 2" at m place. A disappointment, for sure, but not a total bust. It looks like Montreal is in in the sweet spot.
  6. https://twitter.com/RyanMaue/status/841408137391419397 If this happens, might not be as big a bust as you think.
  7. Just incredible what you guys are about to experience.
  8. Looks like Pearson might have got slightly more, like around 4". Eerie similarities to this storm.
  9. Looks like about 2.5" http://climate.weather.gc.ca/climate_data/daily_data_e.html?hlyRange=1953-01-01|1969-05-31&dlyRange=1840-03-01|2017-03-05&mlyRange=1840-01-01|2006-12-01&StationID=5051&Prov=ON&urlExtension=_e.html&searchType=stnProx&optLimit=specDate&Month=3&Day=12&StartYear=1840&EndYear=2017&Year=1993&selRowPerPage=25&Line=5&txtRadius=25&optProxType=navLink&txtLatDecDeg=43.677222222222&txtLongDecDeg=79.630555555556&timeframe=2
  10. This reminds me a bit of the superstorm of 1993. Toronto was just grazed by that storm, but Ottawa got about 18".
  11. Again, point taken. I'd forgot about the Phantom bomb of February 2009. If this happens, though, we may be able to get the 6".
  12. Point taken. I guess it's just that I was hoping for 6".
  13. Wishing you guys all the best with this storm. Looks amazing for New York state. The trends have not been good for Toronto, however. We'll be lucky to see 2-4".
  14. Yes, the funny thing is how the media has people thinking it will be the biggest storm of the season for Toronto. lol This could be the biggest bust since December 30, 1997. On that day 30 cm (1') was forecast for Toronto...and we got flurries.
  15. On the accuweather forums someone from Hamilton is rep0orting 6" just from the squall, while a poster from Mississauga is reporting 5".