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  1. Yup, we got hit hard out my way. Near zero visibility around 7 PM.
  2. I think Toronto came close prior to the Groundhog day storm in 2011. January 2-3, 1999 was also classed as a blizzard, I believe. I would love to have experienced the January 1966 storm.
  3. Wondering if that big squall is going to pass through Toronto early Friday afternoon?
  4. Do you think we'll get impacted by the squalls on Thursday and Friday?
  5. We'll see what happens overnight. My 6-8" call might still be good.
  6. An unusual set-up for sure. It's snowing steadily here in Toronto. Hope you guys change over soon!
  7. I'm starting to think bust too. Not as impressive as I was expecting, unless heavy snow movies in late tonight and overnight.
  8. Here's hoping. I was a bit concerned earlier today when the snow didn't seem to be sticking.
  9. Wow, you can't get a more perfect track for Toronto and Buffalo than that February 1984 storm!
  10. Late February 1984 in Toronto. Some similarities. Temperatures in the low 50s Fahrenheit on the 23rd-24th, followed by 36. 4 cm (14-15") of snow on 27th-28th, followed by temperatures in the 20s to end the month.
  11. Late February 1984 in Toronto. Some similarities. 36 .4 cm (14-15" ) of snow on the 27th-28th, just days after temperatures in the low 50s on the 23-24th. Storm was followed by highs in the low 20s.
  12. I'm telling you it's like what I've read about the great leap year storm of February 1984. Not sure if anyone here is old enough to remember it - I was 3 going on 4.
  13. What about February 7, 2013. I could have sworn we saw over a foot with that storm.