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  1. Interesting. Of those years, 2011 and 2018 saw hot summers, while 1976, 2009, and 2008 were cool, in Ontario.
  2. I think all of them since 2012, actually. Almost as if nature was trying to bring back equilibrium after the summerlike March of 2012. I personally hope we don't have anything like 2012 - it was terrible for the fruit trees after they bloomed, only for a frost to hit.
  3. I noticed it had the lake effect band almost reaching my area around 12-1PM
  4. I live right on the border between Toronto and York region - around McCowan and Steeles. I'm hoping I can at least squeeze 5 cm/2" out of this, but am not holding my breath.
  5. Funnily enough, after almost an hour spent shoveling, it doesn't feel like the storm was a bust. It looks and feels like deep winter out there.
  6. We did have a big dog in late January 2019. but, yes, it's rare. Those accumulation maps posted yesterday would have nailed it...if they were in centimetres. not inches!
  7. Very disappointing, especially when you consider all the hype.
  8. Regardless, nice to finally have some excitement. The last big storm we had was late January 2019 - about 13 inches.
  9. Anthony Farnell saying possibility of 40-60 cm (2 feet) total by end of day Friday, when you take into account both storms. Amazing for Toronto, if it happens.
  10. Cautiously optimistic that this might be among the more interesting weeks of weather of the past decade for us here in Toronto, snow-wise.
  11. I'm hoping Toronto can make it down to -18 C (0F) or -20C (-4F) at least once over the next couple of weeks.
  12. yes, I'm pleasantly surprised. Just a few days ago, this looked like a miss for us. I'm going with 4" for my backyard.
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