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  1. People have short memories when it comes to weather. In late January 2019, my area of Toronto received over a foot of snow.
  2. Best climate in the world, bar none, in my opinion. 80s in the summer, feet of snow, coupled with highs around zero in the winter. Ideal.
  3. The snow caused absolute chaos at YYZ. My flight in from Quebec City was delayed by 4 hours. Quite ironic to be flying from YQB only to be delayed because of heavy snow at YYZ!
  4. Just got back from a weekend in Quebec City. Snow up to the top of stop signs and highs close to zero.
  5. I hear you. I'm hoping my flight to Quebec City gets off on Saturday morning. Can't deny that I'm also excited though.
  6. I'm flying from Toronto to Quebec City on Saturday morning for the winter carnival. They're calling for 10-12" there, followed by a high of 5 below on Saturday. I'm hyped, so long as my flight can make it up on Saturday! Hoping the storm is done by late Friday night.
  7. I'm actually flying up to Quebec City on Saturday morning for the winter carnival. They're calling for between 10 and 12" there, followed by a high of 5 below on Saturday. I'm long as my flight makes it up there on Saturday morning.
  8. Horrible winter in that regard. Give me 5 above and sunshine over overcast and 32 any day in January or February. Seasonal affective Disorder coming on.
  9. Joe Bastardi also seems to be throwing in the towel. Says the EPO is king, if it stays positive, it's over. Says this could end up being a "Peggy Lee winter", i.e. "is that all there is". You know it's bad when a guy who is always calling for cold is throwing in the towel.
  10. This winter is turning into the polar opposite of 1993-1994. That year, the pattern flipped to severe cold around December 21, 1993 and that pattern pretty much repeated itself right through to mid February 1994. This year, the pattern flipped to mild around December 21, and has been repeating itself ever since.
  11. It happened in February 1950. Looks like serious cold arrived after the 19th that year.|2013-06-13&dlyRange=1937-11-01|2013-06-13&mlyRange=1937-01-01|2013-06-01&StationID=5097&Prov=ON&urlExtension=_e.html&searchType=stnName&optLimit=yearRange&StartYear=1840&EndYear=2017&selRowPerPage=25&Line=61&searchMethod=contains&txtStationName=Toronto&timeframe=2&Day=1&Year=1950&Month=2
  12. Things are starting to get really intense here...just kidding.
  13. I'd so much like to believe this, but we've been teased before by the models this winter.
  14. You can't get more miserable than this. 34F and raining.