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George BM

November Banter 2020

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10 hours ago, losetoa6 said:

@EastCoast NPZHe texted me back and its the Lakestar Lodge...now under new management lol. 

Here's a pic....

Needs some work but...

In all seriousness I'd go up tonight if I wasn't slammed at work damn


If its the Lakestar Lodge in McHenry, I know exactly where that is (only about 5 minutes from our house). It’s in a great location on the northern most part of the lake...you can walk down to a few restaurants and the arcade/etc for kids.  It always seems crowded when I drive by in summer.

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27 minutes ago, snowfan said:

340pm kick for Ravens steelers. Lol. What in the actual......

Also, next weeks steelers-wft game already moved to Monday night.

Monday evening! It’s a 5pm game so even an old fogey like me can watch it. Now, if only the covid bug could hit the Steelers. :whistle:

Just a joke!

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44 minutes ago, WxWatcher007 said:


Oh baby we’re in FULL swing around here and I love it. 

You’re not getting my soul this year big boy. But I will help send you some distressed individuals.

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