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Potential few SVR/FF events parts of NYC forum Wed-Thu 7/22-23/20


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16 minutes ago, Cfa said:

Longest light show I’ve ever seen, I watched for 4 hours before falling asleep, it’s a shame it occurred over the ocean instead of just a few miles further north over us.

Aug 13, 2016 in CT still takes the cake for the most impressive light show I’ve seen though, 2-3 strikes per second for well over an hour straight, watched it from LI, which of course got nothing. Seen some good ones in Orlando and Tampa too.

This morning was pretty cool over ocean.

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17 minutes ago, JoshSnow said:

Looks like we’re going to peak summer heat early next week. After that yes you will see 90’s but it should be less humid. Let’s see how we go into August because soon we’re going to be talking about an early fall!

Approaching La Niña winters are often preceded by a warm September and sometimes a warm October.

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the last two years have been el ninos that went from bad to worse...there have been six years that followed a double el nino winters...

1954...54-55...not mild but snowfall was well below average...

1959...59-60...not cold but had above average snowfall...two storms a foot or more in places...

1970...70-71...cold but snowfall was well below average...

1978...78-79...cold with average snowfall...very cold and snowy February...

1988...88-89...mild with way less snow than average...

2016...16-17...not cold but had average snowfall...two major storms...

so far the closest analogs are 1988 and 2016...1988 was a strong la nina by December while 2016 was a weak one...1970 was a moderate la nina by Dec...1954 was a weak la nina by Dec...1959 and 1978 were neutral in December after being in a very weak negative enso state...

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