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Winter Re-Awakening - February 12-14th Redeveloper

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3K Nam and 12z Nam was decent here, Bumped totals another 1-2" so it looked to hold off the pellets some, But the 12z HRRR was real bullish with snow totals approaching 12", Not sure i'm buying that yet.
Any net gain in snow for PWM area...?

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As typical, I'm on the line here just north of 495 at the NH border north of Haverhill.  HRRR has me sitting pretty and excited in the 6-8" range.  NAM shows dismal 3-4"....per every storm this year.

I would be ecstatic with 6"....any less and I just hope its enough and solid enough to effectively snowblow and not just a ridiculous ugly mess.

Hopping on the roads to head home from the Peabody area around 2pm to beat the snow onset/traffic.

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20 hours ago, HoarfrostHubb said:

Could I ask about the significance of that event? My weenie memory is not helping me with it, and Google seemed like it was rather middling in New England

probably the prototypical SWFE upon which they should all be built....at least in my memory.  and resulted in a crippling storm in ontario and quebec and atlantic canada, probably the biggest storm in recent times to affect such a large swath of canada's population.

you guys had a significant storm a few days even before that i recall.  a december to remember in SNE.

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