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  1. "Some people are weatherwise, most are otherwise" - Ben Franklin. But you never know, he could pull off an upset and be correct. Maybe he knows things.
  2. Here is the latest version of the snow pile, taken just now. It's 7'6" high, which ties the record from 2014. Yay! It's pretty massive too, and while historically snow piles here have never lasted past March 31st, we shall see! Did not really think this opportunity would present itself this winter, so no complaints here. The snowpack here at its thickest is about 8".
  3. I don't care about roads too much for tomorrow, I'm hoping that whatever we get will help me get through next weekend with some semblance of a snowpack, which would be the icing on the cake for this month.
  4. True - I ran into Don Saleski in a gas station way back when, he was waiting for his car to be inspected or something, and we talked for about 5 or 10 minutes. Just a regular guy attitude.
  5. Yeah I've been thinking about that too. This month has been awesome. Hoping to hold onto some snowpack thru the end of the month, which would be notable. I'm somewhat susceptible to cabin fever, etc. by the time we get to this time of the year. Like last winter was basically 5 months of brown and drab, and looking forward to April which seemed far away in February. This year (and even a normal snow year) is much better - snow on snow etc., changes up the landscape, looks beautiful, and next thing you know spring is right around the corner.
  6. I'm about to go out and do some snow cleanup touch up. Don't know about anyone else, but with the amount of sleet we had down here this has been a labor/exertion intensive process. 3x the effort of last week, which lines up inversely with the 3:1 ratio for sleet (vs 10:1 for average snow).
  7. That was a really good year. I was a fan of Dr. J, long story but I had a baseball glove that he signed for me, lol.
  8. Yeah you're right - Sixers won in '83. Still a good year!
  9. I played a little when I was younger, but not so much as a youngster. It was the Flyers who got me and a lot of others interested. I was around for the 1974 Stanley Cup, and it was just awesome. Philly sports in general had been on a bad run for years, and they captured lightning in a bottle. People (not Flyers fans, lol) make a big deal out of the Broad Street bullies aspect, but they had talent. I remember leaving a Phillies game during the Flyers playoffs, and everyone was singing "B-B-B-Bernie and the nets" to the tune of Elton John's "Bennie and the Jets", such a good time. People in Philly knew they had something special, but I think elsewhere people were surprised that they won. I was in Montreal during the summer and people told me they were rooting for the Flyers after Montreal got knocked out, probably cuz they didn't want the Bruins to win, lol. That was the beginning of a nice run for our teams culminating in 1980 when all 4 teams made it to their respective championships. 2 out of 4 that year wasn't bad, although I was still heartbroken when the Islanders beat the Flyers in game 7 on a goal that looked offsides. P.S. Bernie was referring to Bernie Parent, who was one of the best goalies of his time. They won the 6th and deciding game against Boston 1-0 (at home!). I can still picture the winning goal, a shot from the point that dipped and Rick Macliesh had his stick down on the ice and tipped it up over the goalies shoulder. Lol, that's my trip down memory lane, thanks for the inspiration!
  10. Getting some bigger flakes lazily floating down. Might even pick up a redusting on colder surfaces at this rate.
  11. Getting light snow here now. Nice.
  12. Very light snow here too, dust on crust like you said. Better than melting off. Trees and bushes have a nice glaze on them. 32F.
  13. Lol...and posts asking about weenie tags are pretty much a lock.
  14. See above post - good timing!
  15. 4.3" frozen measured today, compacted to about 3 1/4". Pretty dense, and mostly sleet. Kinda cool for shovelling at 1st, but it does get you tired. Had some freezing rain mixed in at the end, and getting freezing drizzle now. All in all very enjoyable and things look great outside!
  16. I like that it's random, although not totally random. There's probably a criteria for what gets a tag vs not.
  17. It's giant flakes and lots of them, with a little sleet for good measure.
  18. 1.8" of granular goodness here, 26F. Small flakes now with a little sleet mixed in. Been flipping back and forth. All snow would be nice but it's beautiful out and still snowing mostly, what's not to like! I just shoveled a path on the driveway and it was like shovelling sugar, lol. Congrats to those getting heavy snow!
  19. And encouraging! Back to mostly snow here now, had the sequence in reverse - sleet to big flakes and now decent rates of normal sized flakes.
  20. It's interpolated based on educated guesses as to what temperatures are at 850mb, 700mb, etc. Gotta go by observations.