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  1. Went over to sleet here about 15 minutes ago, after 0.8" of snow. Just noticed a few flakes mixing back in. 26F currently. I'm ok with the sleet as long as we can get a nice 3 or 4" layer. Here's hoping!
  2. Here is a snapshot of the Correlation Coefficiency radar. The yellows are probably the sleet line. Good luck people!
  3. A PennDOT plow just went up the hill, with his blade down. Warms the heart, lol. It's a good winter when the plows are out regularly.
  4. Don't know how long this will last, but holy mother of pearl, heavy snow now. Vis. under 600 ft. Nice!
  5. If you extend that lower white line from Wilmington back through Delaware, that's about where the sleet line is on the CC radar .
  6. Moderate rates pretty quickly!
  7. Just started snowing in earnest here, instant dusting on the driveway. Yay! And come on snow!!!
  8. Not so sure, reading MA forum obs, it's sleeting in Baltimore.
  9. Just looked at the CC radar, there's a blob moving in from the WSW that appears to have sleet in it. Hope I can stay on the north side of the sleet.
  10. Lol. Fat thumbs on my phone, it's 27F. Eta, it was 23 earlier, around midnight.
  11. Getting first few small flakes down here in Glen Mills area. 27F. Good luck everyone!
  12. Just saw in Central Pa forum someone reporting snow as well.
  13. Where do you get temps or ptypes for the NAVGEM? Not on TT that I've been able to find. P.S. We love you Ralph!
  14. I've checked it out, could probably do it for 800 or so, but it's a commitment, I'd want to be sure I used it regularly if I spent the money. It's in the fantasy file, next to the zip line and rope tow, lol.
  15. Lol....I'm gonna have to get a snowmaking machine.
  16. It's called gripping the wheel a little too tightly. He'll be fine, and enjoy his 5" to 8" of snow!
  17. Sure you can, there's plenty to choose from. How about this one (0z 12k NAM):
  18. No problem, just having a little fun. Still a decent map overall, at this point.
  19. zenmsav6810 could clarify but he's holding his cards close to his vest....