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  1. Snow pile update - still about 3 1/2 ft high, but it's kind of a Hollywood storefront situation, if you look at it from the side, lol. The one in the back is more 3D, it will probably make it to the end of the month.
  2. Sounds good! Looking at some Estes Park area webcams, looks like occasional flakes, the calm before the storm.
  3. Good luck man I hope you get 42"!
  4. Yeah, that was quick! I'm getting a second hand fix from your trip, lol.
  5. Awesome - good luck! Latest model runs favoring a good storm. What kind of vehicle are you getting? Post some pics if you can.
  6. Well, again, good luck, and keep us posted! Do you know where you're flying into yet? Eta- just looked at Estes Park Colorado, which looks to be a favored area, and it's about 1 1/2 hours north of Denver, so Denver I guess? Eta again - just looked, and Frontier has a non-stop out and back that leaves around 9pm tomorrow and I picked Tuesday (since you might get snowed in) and that's a redeye flight, for 178 plus whatever other charges they tack on. Highly recommend non-stop!
  7. I'm in - good luck! That's this weekend right? Better get busy, lol.
  8. Still have a little out back, but this little patch in front of the porch where we hang out probably will disappear before the night is done. It's been real buddy! 69F here currently.
  9. Shrunk a lot today, down to about 4.5ft high. Still some rapidly shrinking patches, but it's all accelerating with the warm days and nights above freezing. Probably will be down to just piles at some point tomorrow. Still holding out better than it would have with warm rains. 42F at 12:40 am.
  10. And pretty dry too, what the heck (waste of cold weather!).
  11. Spring fever alert! 53F here already, headed to 62 or thereabouts. I love the winter, especially when there is snow involved, and I'll enjoy snow in March or even April, but I have to admit that spring is my favorite time of year. Last time it was in the 60s was on Christmas day, but I wasn't in the mood for it. But now, I'm gonna enjoy it! I can hang outside without feeling like the Michelin tire man all bundled up.
  12. Main snow pile this morning (about 6ft high), and then out back this afternoon, the one larger area of snow that should be gone by the end of this week. It's been a good bonus week of partial snow cover before our first real "thaw" from this not very cold ( but cold enough) winter.
  13. Had just a few flakes here, 37F currently.
  14. Still thinking about moving north?
  15. That must have sucked, lol. Probably contributed to you becoming a snowpile maker. Here, out front it's down to patches, the lower part of the back is still almost 50%, plus there's snow piles all around. A nice early March look. I'm thinking we'll all be good through the weekend with at least some snow hanging around, especially in shaded areas. Tomorrow's the only real melt day through Sunday.
  16. Prolly need to downsize your pics, I've had to do that to get it within that 1.95mb limit per attachment.
  17. Yeah I think it will be here a while, barring too many warm rains.
  18. Congrats! Not 100% coverage here, about 70%, but where there is snow it's about 5" deep down below, so that should get us to tomorrow which would be the whole month here as well. Not unhappy at all!
  19. 35 and moderate snow, just measured 1/2" on car tops. Big flakes at times. Nice!
  20. Getting light snow here, 38F dp 23. Wooohooo!
  21. Lol....I'm keeping an open mind. And have the snow lamp down by the kettle fire. I do realize we'd probably get rained on 1st even if we do get some snow, but it is Friday night after all.