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  1. Wow, this baby is finishing strong. Just had the heaviest rates of the day for a few minutes, although it's starting to get sleety now.
  2. Fwiw just got upgraded to a WWA here. Closing in on 3" as heavy snow continues to fall.
  3. Agreed! Heavy snow here at the moment, got some big flakes in the mix.
  4. It's been waffling back and forth over me for about the last half hour or so. Currently moderate-heavy snow, temp up to 35F. Got 1.6" of snow before the sleet, and about .40 of Delco mix since then.
  5. About 1/2" here too, picking up a bit, moderate to almost heavy at times.
  6. Yeah and it's moving north, waaah. Come on heavy snow!
  7. Yeah, that CC radar, lol. A great tool but it usually confirms your worst fears at our latitude.
  8. Moderate snow here, a fresh coating, looks great. Temp. did come up a degree to 33F.
  9. Thanks, hello, and welcome! I could be wrong, it's the weather you know (it has the final say), but I'd guess you'll be okay by the time you head home.
  10. I'm considering it as bonus snow!
  11. Also true. Snow is getting steadier here now, still relatively small flakes.
  12. Might be okay - most of rush hour is past, warmer in the pm, mid day thru early afternoon for cleanup. Could be not too bad.
  13. Getting small flakes here now.
  14. Had a few flakes here 5 minutes ago, in a pause now. 32F, dp 22.
  15. Getting the toe on the boot that some models showed.
  16. Likewise. Much healthier. It was 26 here, came up to 28. Looks like virga in the area.
  17. Same. Another piece of it is learning to let go of things you can't control. Sounds good on paper, but it is a real thing. eta - but I still love snow, and I'm really enjoying this month.
  18. #1 - hang in there. Imagine, 2 years ago you were thinking of Moving to Montana. #2&3 - good luck for both!
  19. Oh yeah, that was a bad feeling. Still sucks but we're better at handling it now, lol. Aren't we? Mostly the rug pulls now are less of a surprise if you pay attention.
  20. You can sense the snow excitement in the air, we're getting some mileage out of the lead up to it, lol. But seriously.
  21. Just get out of the way when it comes back down, lol.
  22. I remember when I was very young doing a dance with my brothers outside trying to get the rain (which had been snow) to turn back into snow again.
  23. Lol, or what? Will you shake your fist at a cloud?
  24. Mine are at 1 to 2" with hopes for an upside surprise.