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  1. Just heard a rumble of thunder off to the WSW. And a second one just now.
  2. You'll need to get a tanning bed or something, lol. Getting a little shower here.
  3. Congrats on the trout - grass fed? (reference to Redsky's post).
  4. And tossed in a couple rbis, lol.
  5. Made it to 27F here last night, 28 the night before. Magnolias are toasted - it happens. (We did get a workout Thursday late afternoon trying to cover the white magnolia with a couple of 24ftx60ft frost blankets, but the wind laughed at us). Slowing warming up, 42F currently. Grass looks great, probably will need to mow it this week.
  6. I don't think it's a joke, he either did the math or it was a lucky guess. Meteorological fall actually starts in 153 days. Anyway you guys are the bookends for this subforum weatherwise, lol.
  7. Sorry that happened - glad everyone is okay, physically at least. Hope they catch whoever did it. Sounds like a crime of opportunity, but who knows, for now at least.
  8. That's about what it was here too, no lightning either. Pretty windy, maybe 35 mph?
  9. Under a severe thunderstorm warning here, radar looking decent:
  10. Yeah we got the spotted lantern flies in a big way last year, not good for the walnut trees. Gonna try wrapping tape around the trunk sticky side out once they get started.
  11. A sawzall (reciprocating saw) is the best for working around dirt, with either a woodcutting blade or a branch cutting blade. I've cut out roots through the dirt and all with a battery powered one. I tried it one time with my chainsaw, and that was the last. It's like if it even sniffs the dirt it's instant dullsville. I've used my s10 blazer with a hefty rope tied to the ball on the trailer hitch for pulling. One time I snapped a 3/8" rope and it sounded like an m80. I've used it to shake a large walnut tree one year when we had a bumper crop, had the rope tied off about 30 feet up, and actually felt the back end jump to the left a few inches when I gave it just a bit too gas, lol. Anyway, sounds like fun, lol, good luck and hope your arm is okay!
  12. I'm okay with 60s through April, then 70s in May. I saw a lot of small bugs yesterday and thought of RedSky for some reason. I know he has issues with the stink bugs. I've been wondering if the lack of cold this winter will result in more bugs this year.
  13. 62F here currently. Beautiful day, great for working outside. 3 days in a row with shorts! Grass is starting to darken up, probably about 10 days away from mowing. Got some buds on some bushes and the silver maple, and magnolias and forsythia are getting ready to flower. Saw a couple of butterflies yesterday. Good stuff! Eta - just saw the overnight low Thursday night is forecast to be 28F here. Yikes. Time to think about frost blankets and bamboo poles for the white magnolia....
  14. 1.68" here today - we did need some rain. Eta - the last shaded snow pile went bye bye today.
  15. Wow - guess Birds~69 won't be over this afternoon. What kind of bush is that? Almost looks like a tree, looking above it and behind.
  16. Could be (the coldest night till fall). I was remembering last spring seeing snow in the air at midnight on a Friday night somewhere around May 9th? That's a once in a long time thing so not expecting anything like that this year. Heard peepers one night last week at the tail end of the warm spell, and again 2 nights ago.
  17. Tomorrow should be pretty nice too, sunny and 56 is the forecast for here. Currently 35F.
  18. Thanks for the text. I'll add it to the binder. I'd better hurry though, there's about 2 or 3 wheelbarrows left (in the tipped over pile).
  19. Lol...is consolidating piles allowed per the handbook?
  20. I could move it down to the other pile....
  21. Here is a first - the skinny snow pile actually tipped over today, lol.
  22. Way to go! Looks like you may have gotten screwed by some Mexican dust if you read the text from MidlothianWX. Kind of hard to plan for that, lol.