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  1. Yeah, it's why I didn't want to "not notice" it.
  2. Mesos seem to think some of us could see an inch or two of snow overnight 1st. Not so much down here, more north and west, but I'll have my snow goggles on a bit later. Currently 43F, dp 21.
  3. Need that low just off the coast and we'll be set for the 7th!
  4. Wowza, yeah January was dry here but I'm sure we had some rain. That's an impressive stretch.
  5. Does anyone remember when the last time was that we had straight rain (not as part of a frozen event)? Seems like it's been a while but not sure if one snuck in there early-mid month.
  6. In more ways than one. Thanks for sharing, lol. That was thoughtful of her!
  7. Yeah, 32F here, surprised it's cooled off this fast. We just came up from a kettle fire and petted it, it's got the glaze, lol. eta- nice moonlight tonight!
  8. Thanks, lol. Snow pile is hanging tough so far, plus he's got some shady brothers. I'm thinking we'll still have some grass coverage come Sunday, not sure about next week. Hopefully not too much rain over the weekend, for lots of reasons.
  9. The overnight temps above freezing means the snowpack doesn't get a break. Starting to see areas of green here, still have about 85% coverage with the deepest areas about 6" max. Still holding out hope to make it through Sunday to get the whole month in.
  10. I'm still holding out hope for some semblance of snow cover come March 1st. Other than a couple of spots next to a pine tree and a couple Yew bushes, things are solid here, mostly thanks to that Delco mix we got a couple weeks ago.
  11. Made it down to 32F here, 48 currently. Bright sunshine!
  12. Still 39F here at 9:30 pm. Outside the snow looks great under about a 65% full moon.
  13. Good list, lol. For me, the pile idea originates in the fact that at our climo snow has a way of disappearing, even multiple times during a winter. You never know how long your snow cover is going to stick around, beyond a week or two. So the concept is to preserve it, since I like it around during the winter. Bigger pile theoretically equals longer duration. Sometimes it becomes a thing, haha. It might not if I lived in Maine? Footprints in the snow, lol. I get that, but we have so many night critters around here that after a few days it looks like a kids playground.
  14. Yeah I wasn't expecting to add much if any yesterday, but between the amount (which allowed driveway stickage), and the moisture content it was a no brainer, lol. Nice piles and snowy landscape!
  15. Lol - the guy who sometimes plows our driveway, his kids when they were younger used to play on the pile.
  16. Maybe we should make a little sled for them!
  17. Lol, the one neighbor doesn't say anything but he's said in the past "you're doing what you enjoy" in reference to other things (we're always outside working on this place and we love it, in fact we're having a kettle fire right now). The other neighbor actually has a plow and over the years has made passes through here which I appreciate (we help each other out). But there have been times when I've asked him not to, including this month, and I have no idea what he says to others, but he does know that we like to make piles lol.
  18. Lol, I had that thought, but I worked my butt off to get it that size, and that record may stand (here), so why keep it a secret. This is the place for sharing crazy weather stuff after all : -). I've been doing fun things with snow for a looong time!
  19. Here is the snow pile, a new record at just over 8ft high! Now I'm ready for a couple days of rest, lol. (I used a 6ft stepladder to measure it).
  20. Switched to rain here about 40 minutes ago, but measured 3.2" before that. Getting mashed down by the rain and 37F temps now. Still, an overperformer for me, I thought an inch or 2 in spite of the lofty projections by some models. An awesome event, nice snow falling for a few hours, puts me over 30" for the season, and should really help to extend the snowpack into the weekend it would seem. 5th accumulating event this month, pretty cool.
  21. Yeah the yellows are legit, especially when it's snow, vs. sleet.