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  1. It's in 24 hour increments. They don't have total snowfall maps for HREF, at least not for the price I want to pay ($0). First map is 12z Mon to 12x Tue, the second is 12z Tue to 12Z Wed.
  2. You can see why the bust potential in both directions exists. It's warmth vs rates. Probably anywhere in the coastal plain that's close to freezing and gets under a heavy band risks switching over to very heavy wet snow as it brings the cold down to the surface. And at the same time, the warmth could win out and that's just all heavy rain. Challenging forecast!
  3. As said many times in this forum, no one lives at 500mb.
  4. https://www.emc.ncep.noaa.gov/users/verification/headlines/acc_31days/
  5. Could be but if you switch the maps back two days it's been consistently on the low side for snow for most of eastern new england. Had more in western parts a day or two ago but has scaled that back.
  6. I think it's the thermal profiles. 2m and 925mb is warm for most of the storm, so its seeing rain.
  7. Point taken, but that looks more like an output error on TT because it's on the edge of it's data domain than the model itself. Same frame on NE view:
  8. The herp has some big winners and big losers (coastal plain)...
  9. The Canadian models have been consistent. So they need to be weighed this time around a little more than usual. And going back several years, the Canadian models have "hit" on storms in the past. Just not as many as the Euro or the GFS.
  10. And just like that 00z models start rolling in and it's a slightly different story than 18z...
  11. I wouldn't give up on larger numbers south of the pike just yet. Would like to see one or two more outputs of garbage before locking that in. Still lots of atmospheric uncertainty...
  12. I haven’t checked in for a few days… excited to see the models for early next week… then this…
  13. Heavy pingers mixed with rain here, 33. It’s a loud night between the sleet and the wind gusts…
  14. I know I know, and I’m grateful we will get some winter weather in March. It was born during a March snowstorm according to my parents. Just wishing it showed up earlier if for anything to show being an optimist for late Jan and parts of Feb wasn’t a total miss!
  15. What a great February, I mean March, outlook! We needed this pattern 30 days ago lol!
  16. About 4” here. Very wet probably 6/8-1 ratio.
  17. Enjoy it while you can! I'm no longer working in Newport, so I won't miss the ride south and seeing less and less snow until I drove into a parking lot full of slush! You should still manage several inches there before temps warm up tomorrow.
  18. When you have an AppleTV, a RadarScope subscription, and nothing else to watch you do some work before bed… I’ll tag myself now… IMG_0061.MOV
  19. Just like the Euro, it ain’t what it used to be.
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