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  1. ...Old man winter reminding me he's the boss and hitting me hard this a.m. Just like a Disney movie...All I have to do is wish upon a star, and my dreams WILL come true. Second pic is at work...where the heavy stuff fell.
  2. You should go watch it at the Gamp. https://uconnhuskies.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/SEGetEventInfo?ticketCode=PR%3AUCONN%3ABB22%3AFFW%3AFFW&linkID=uconn&shopperContext=&caller=PR&appCode=&prc=FFW&ppc=FFW&dataAccId=415&locale=en_US&siteId=ev_uconn
  3. I am going to be up at 2am, staring out the window like I do for Santa Claus.
  4. Nice. Try to take some pics if you are able.
  5. When are you heading up north?
  6. I don't really have a lawn...Lake on one side and shaded patch of moss, weeds and driveway on the other side, with narrow strips of shaded nothingness on the other 2 sides. I am trying to figure out a way that I can contribute to this thread. Please advise. Thanks in advance.
  7. until it doesn't. (although it could be the super ridiculous lockdown here at my work computer, where they have become so paranoid about security that simple web page navigation can be almost impossible depending on the content)
  8. Nobody likes clowns. Not even kids. They have always been overrated.
  9. What the hell is this? I never had 12-24 at all this year. ...11" total for the season, spread over 3 months. The most I had on the ground was 4", for 2 days back in December. Who makes up these lies?
  10. I wish I had your problem. "pack" never happened for me.
  11. You gonna ride...or just go get your gear? I know a few weeks ago you weren't sure, but now it seems like conditions will be awesome.
  12. Is there not enough drama over in OT for you today?
  13. Can governments truly, successfully regulate price gouging though? I think this would be a tall order, and tough to prove in many instances. Plus such an ambitious venture would more than likely require hiring of people to do this work. Last night Melina and I were having a conversation about people who make the rules in different arenas...school administrators, CEO's, government officials, lawmakers, etc. It may sound cynical but I truly believe it is nearly impossible to find someone at the top...the person (people) who makes the ultimate call on rules, regulations, etc. who is not looking out for their own best interests...to cover their own a.ss, and ultimately look out for their own future. Some people may go into politics with the initial thought of doing what's right, rise to the top with interests beyond themselves, but over time the lure of personal welfare, and self interest, and / or greed takes hold. It's human nature and hard to change in most.
  14. It's cheaper for us to get our oil from Rhode Island, than in CT.
  15. Design snow loads are much higher than here. I am sure some crappy designed structures have gone down, but not ones that have been designed to code.
  16. Some Cali Picks. @Ginx snewx ... heavenly drifts.
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