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  1. Where is Greg Fishel hanging out these days? I heard he was in Florida. I miss him badly on WRAL.
  2. Would you snow on me? I'd snow on me. I'd snow on me soooo hard.
  3. I agree with that assessment. I'm not saying that just because the GEFS isn't showing cold there can't be cold. I'm just saying that as of now, the GEFS is not advertising any significant cold.
  4. I've been checking in everyday on the 18Z GEFS ensemble mean temps. So far, it is not advertising any notable cold.
  5. Cold. We. Must. Have. Cold. It is clear that the current seasonal thermal profile is not going to support sufficient dynamics to "make its own cold" for significant snow in the eastern CONUS.
  6. I like the original better: "We may not be possible" really expresses the existential crisis that affects snow lovers in the southern half of eastern North America right now.
  7. After this latest debacle, perhaps its just time to ignore storm tracks in the LR and just focus on thermals. Seems like the only way out of this mess is to get a legit, long-lasting cold dump into the CONUS. Unless that happens, seems it is game over.
  8. According to this presentation, it is the "U.S. Navy Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center" http://weather.ou.edu/~scavallo/classes/metr_4424/nwp_intro.pdf ETA: I think that might be synonymous with the NAVGEM.
  9. I'm miffed at Siberia right now. They have stolen all our cold.
  10. Replying to this in banter. I try to look around and be appreciative of the entire civilization that is associated with our warmer base state. Flooding the atmosphere with "you know what" isn't just some enormous accident; it is the byproduct of a transformation in the world which has impacted every aspect of human life, and has led to this being the most materially secure, healthiest, best educated, well-fed generation in the history of the species. Our warmer world is a price we are paying for the houses we live in, the food we eat, the cars we drive, the electricity we have, the medicine we take. the knowledge we have in our heads and the phones that we carry around in our pocket. As much as I hate warming, so far I would say it has been a good bargain for our species. Whether it remains so in the future remains to be seen of course. Put it another way; we would all love to return to snowfall and cold from the 1880's, but would we be willing to take the 1880's standard of living that comes along with it?
  11. He has carried us through many a dark period with reasoned analysis, so he's earned a meltdown. And it's completely justified to be disgusted with this winter so far.
  12. Its sad but I'm legitimately scared to click on it.
  13. Actually surprised there is that much blue. What's hilarious though is the fact that in all that red a good bit of our source region is slightly cool, while Siberia is roasting. The opposite of what has killed us this winter.
  14. I believe its time to stick a fork in it. ETA: For NC I mean. VA still very much in play.
  15. Isn't model watching your work? Surely all Meteorologist's sole purpose is to track potential snow?
  16. A real storm threat means the LR thread goes into hibernation.
  17. So I think it may be time to compile a list of acceptable euphemisms for AGW for use in the main threads. The two I have so far are "THAT" "The elephant"
  18. Sleeping Beauty is one of my favorite songs.
  19. For the less educated among us, what, if anything does thus imply for us?
  20. My SE brethren in ecstasy right now. It's going to hurt all the more when it turns into a cold rain for us.
  21. Growing up in the SE, I never realized the MA had to work so hard to get its snow.
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