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  1. It would be nice if you weren't constantly such a d*ck.
  2. Active tornado season in Dixie, not necessarily the Plains. That, and weak La Niña (which is what the weeklies have been shifting towards in 3.4) has not been friendly to tornado season as of late (2006, 2009, 2012, 2017, 2018).
  3. Couldn't find another place to put this (not sure if there's a dedicated thread to the Worcester tornado or not), but these aerial images that I've never seen before of the damage path of the tornado are incredible, and are at multiple locations along the path.
  4. Aside from the 8/10 derecho, lol this severe season. Can’t say things are looking up for next year for us out here in the Plains with the raging drought out west and La Niña conditions, but I could certainly see some Midwest shenanigans.
  5. Also regarding fairly modest storms (intensity wise via central pressure) producing extreme snowfalls.
  6. Looks like a new report of 4 feet came in for NH.
  7. Just lol @ sustaining 0.35-0.4" QPF/hr rates in 15˚F temperatures.
  8. Oh no biggie just 1.11" QPF in 3 hours with temperatures of 15˚F.
  9. Only thing I can compare it to is the band with the Pi Day blizzard in March 2017 or the one with the Feb 2013 blizzard in CT (and that was significantly shorter duration).
  10. When your snowfall rates literally break the scale for the NY Mesonet page...
  11. Looks like the snowfall rates at BGM are literally off the scale of the NY Mesonet site.
  12. Somehow that band has actually widened and intensified in the past 60-90 mins on radar. Just incredible frontogenetic forcing with great vertical velocities in the DGZ intersecting with a nearly ideal temperature profile for big rates.
  13. Here's that observation I was referencing.
  14. NWS employees are reporting >5"/hr rates at Binghamton right now.
  15. KBGM 170553Z AUTO 1/4SM +SN FZFG VV002 M09/M11 A2985 RMK AO2 TWR VIS 3/4 SLP136 P0040 60120 T10891106 11072 21089 58023 RVRNO Unreal 06z observations at Binghamton. 0.4" QPF in an hour.
  16. That is just a monster band. Could see some 30” jackpots where it pivots.
  17. Curious if we see an uptick in severe weather potential later in winter given some of the parallels to years like 2007-08 (which saw significant tornado outbreaks in Jan-Feb including a historic one Feb 5-6) and 2011-12, which saw several significant events in Jan-March, including the back to back Leap Day and major 3/2 tornado events. Seems like general consensus for a number of forecasts I’ve seen is for western troughing/eastern ridging to become more prevalent Jan-Feb, which would favor that. We also have a significant drought across much of the SW, which is liable to yield enhanced capping due to EML advection, which is often a caveat in winter given the likelihood of strongly-forced synoptic scale waves.
  18. Excuse the repeated Hovmoller posts, but that would be the strongest surge of anomalous easterlies yet during this Niña event.
  19. Toronto Island gusted to 73 mph, Niagara Airport gusted to 87 mph. This is a major wind event for the Eastern Lakes.
  20. Not really a 12/1/18 setup dynamics wise, more like 11/17/13 tbh. This would be a large outbreak with better thermos.
  21. Going to be quite the event for the west-east oriented lakes tomorrow. Erie is the one that should be most favorable for long fetch.
  22. Looks like trades are fixing to ramp up again following a general lull at the beginning of November, but it also looks like the Nina standing wave might re-establish a bit westward of where it was previously. More cooling of the western regions as opposed to the eastern regions?