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  1. No doubt when the front got to Grandfather. Love this graphic. Wonder what the peak gust will be with this system.
  2. Thursday looks worse than Friday up here. Low of 19/High of 24 with wind gusts to 45-50MPH. Single digit or below wind chills all day. Brrrrrrr. We didn't really get insane wind with the last front which was abnormal TBH. Back to the ole weekly mid-grade tropical storm.
  3. I honestly hadn't paid that much attention but it doesn't look half bad. 4k NAM actually showing a sold dusting here overnight Wednesday. Might have to get up early Thursday for some shots of a white Grandfather.
  4. I use www.pivotalweather.com for point soundings from time to time. Geared more towards severe weather IMO, though. If you are dedicated and don't mind a small learning curve, BUFKIT is fantastic for viewing model sounds from the NAM/GFS. http://www.wdtb.noaa.gov/tools/BUFKIT/ Once you download the program the data distribution is here: http://www.meteo.psu.edu/bufkit/CONUS_NAM_00.html
  5. Oh I certainly don't expect anything of consequence. I find our little microscale climate here fascinating, though. We had ZR most of last Sunday afternoon with zero guidance or forecasts calling for it. This is my second winter up here and after spending the rest of my previous life in NE GA it doesn't take much to make me happy. We're back up to 31/26 now with SSW winds just kicking in. Yay rain! Heh, don't expect anything epic until I move back down south again. So never, lol.
  6. NAM may be on to something at least, we've fallen back to 31 after getting up to 35. DP still only 18º so wetbulb is 26.4 edit: now 30/18
  7. NAM trying to keep things interesting later this afternoon right along the escarpment with a few hours of ZR after 19z or so. Could be interesting since the 4k is usually a tad warm on surface temps.
  8. We've got a bit more up here in Blowing Rock. Wasn't expecting much TBH so this solid coating this morning is nice. http://www.resortcams.com/webcams/blowing-rock/
  9. Wound up dropping below freezing for most of the afternoon here in Blowing Rock. Solid glaze of ice on the trees last time I went outside, mainly in the protected areas not getting poured on. Decent sized icicles off the front porch.
  10. Nice! I might have passed you. I was up there for a bit a while ago. Was hoping to snag some pictures of Wilson Creek but a bit too foggy.
  11. You'd better believe I'm standing up here with my fingers and toes crossed doing a snow dance. Gonna be a very close call for sure at onset. Euro is 2º from quite a bit of ice IMBY through the day on Sunday. Keeps KTNB at 33-34 most of the day with plenty of precip.
  12. Sweet! I went up there middle of last October and it was gorgeous. First time up there with the leaves changed. Going to try to hit part of the AT and Amicalola Falls this year too.
  13. This was me a month or so ago up at Brasstown Bald. Got this picture myself with the camera on a timer. Love it up there.
  14. Hey! You were right near me! lol. I live just south of Helen in Cleveland which is that annoying town you come through to get to Helen. Here's me on top of Brasstown Bald enjoying the beautiful color last Saturday.
  15. It may be small but y'all got a drive-in. And a nice one at that.
  16. Me and the girlfriend at Cocoa Beach over the summer. And a picture of one of my hobbies I love to show off lol
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