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  1. That's actually an interesting thought. I know surface temps can drop up to 20º or so in the path of totality which would screw mightily with any instability. Don't know exactly how much affect that would have on clouds given the short duration. The 12z Euro had a mess across the region which would nullify all of this anyways.
  2. This has definitely been the nicest summer of the thus far 3 I've been up here. Even my trips down the mountain haven't been nearly as oppressive. Just got back from a 3 day trip to North GA and it only hit 84º at the highest down there. Definitely still too hot for me but still not horrible.
  3. You should come to Clarkesville, GA. We've only got 1m43s of totality but Rabun County, GA is going to be 100% packed. There's only a handful of roads up there to choose from and EVERYBODY will be on them. There's really only one way in and out of Tiger.
  4. OP Euro knocks Boone down to 54º on Monday morning. Might be worth a trip to Mt. Mitchell Sunday night for a shot at some late July mid-40's....
  5. 12z EPS mean has a low of 47 in Boone next Wednesday morning after a high of only 66 Tuesday. Please please please let this one forecast verify.
  6. Just dipped to 49 here in Blowing Rock. I love this place.
  7. SNOW. On Grandfather Mountain along the Parkway. Obviously no stick age but wind is blowing 60MPH. 37 degrees. Sent from my SM-G930R7 using Tapatalk
  8. My good friend the 3km NAM would like to disagree. Planning to head up to Mitchell early Saturday morning on my way to my sister's graduation in GA. May flakes or bust!
  9. It's been ridiculous in Boone all morning. Max gust of 45MPH earlier and picked up over an inch of rain in two hours. Went into town for an errand and the flood-prone parts of town were flooded.
  10. I'm heading down to Birmingham on Saturday so I'm gonna miss much of this, unfortunately. On the bright side it looks to stay sub-80º on my trip down there so that's nice.
  11. This has been the trend on both the GFS/Euro for the past couple days. I'm pretty excited. 12z Euro has a nasty warm nose that kept Boone proper as rain, but 850's and up are supportive. Might be making a trip to Mitchell next Fri/Sat.
  12. Still some patchy snow on the ground at Mitchell today. First trip up there since October and boy was it nice. 54º with a breeze when I got up there. Perfect hiking weather. Nice crepuscular rays to boot. Noticed the "green line" down around 3kft. Lots of buds on the trees above that (except up at Mitchell) but still very brown.
  13. Nice dusting here in Blowing Rock. Good coverage on all ground surfaces. 31º. Nothing on the ground in Boone but as soon as you pass the Parkway bridge into Blowing Rock and start up Food Lion hill it goes from nada to white. Love how that happens. <3
  14. De flakes, dey be a flyin! Heeeeello April. Sent from my SM-G930R7 using Tapatalk
  15. Probably the same storms from here (they were moving that way). Pea sized hail left a nice white hue on the ground and covered up my stairs. Very close thunder coupled with the hail hitting right outside my window woke me up.
  16. Had some decent hail out of a couple rogue cells around 7 this morning. That was unexpected.
  17. Don't bank on it just yet. Definitely some uncertainty with the warm front but still a solid threat. 4z HRRR worked in a plenty volatile atmosphere by mid-afternoon.
  18. I know this isn't the place for this discussion but to me the order of marginal, slight, enhanced, moderate and high isn't intuitive at all. If it was the NWS wouldn't have to post graphics every time explaining it.
  19. I get his point but the public understands a rating of 1-10 a lot better than they understand arbitrary names with attached awkward probabilities from the SPC.
  20. Yeah I have to agree with them. It seems to be developing some sort of in-situ CAD which looks very odd given the overall set-up.
  21. They've been better in past years. Also I don't blame them for being a bit cautious. The last couple runs of the NAM fail progress the warm front north of I-20 which would mitigate any tornado risk north of there. Models tend to advance warm fronts too quickly in these set-ups, wouldn't surprise me at all if that happens this time too.
  22. One of the more reliable folks here at work said they had 4.5" in their guage this morning. There was a decent sized rock slide on the parkway near Deep Gap. BRING IT. ALL THE SNOW.
  23. Had some decent hail out of the storm earlier today. Sad that's probably the only way I'm seeing frozen precip for the rest of the winter.
  24. Finally joined the party. Steady wet snow.Radar looks good all the way back into GA. Few hours of this would be nice before the swap to NWFS.
  25. Still rain and sleet here in Blowing Rock. Buddy said it's pouring snow in Boone. Plenty of moisture backed up if we can just changeover.
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