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  1. Nice snow coming down now. Sent from my SM-G930R7 using Tapatalk
  2. If I get a foot I won't be particularly collective, though I do suspect we'll be quite cool.... side note: the ground is already white here from last night. So starting the day off with a dusting.
  3. I was. We got 8" IMBY from that big storm due to an afternoon of ZR/IP. Very depressing.
  4. Me too. I've never seen a foot of snow fall IMBY so that would be a first and a big benchmark.
  5. 26/24 with a dusting of snow from last night.
  6. Euro has joined the party. .4" QPF IMBY so around that lovely 1/2' mark. Eurowx has ratios 15-18:1. IMO we're in for a good 6-8" storm, maybe a tick higher along/near the escarpment. Hope all you guys have a fantastic storm as well. Been fun forecasting through the ups and downs! Still getting used to not having to worry about temps after so many years in GA.
  7. Check it out on www.pivotalweather.com They have a product that takes into account ratios too (Kuchera). It's fairly accurate.
  8. Nope not at all. Even the GFS gives me 7" so I'd take that. Perfect for getting out on the Parkway for some photography on Saturday morning before work and then Sun-Tue since it won't be melting anytime soon ha. GFS-7" 4km NAM- 9" 3km NAM-12" RGEM- ~7-8"
  9. 3km NAM has a bulls eye of 12" over my house. PLLLLEEEEAAAAASSSSEEE happen.
  10. 18z GFS wasn't terrible for the NW mountains. Still has around .49" QPF for Boone which is 8.5" at 15:1. Quick dropoff down the hill, though. edit: GEFS almost identical at .5"
  11. GFS up to a foot IMBY. If this trend continues I'll be making yearly average on Friday night.
  12. Euro ticks south and says enjoy your cloudy skies and scattered snow showers. It has got to be missing a lot of upslope.
  13. Um wow. Just went on lunch and the GFS has gone from 1-2" to 8-10". That's a big adjustment.
  14. You SW mountain folk enjoy this one. Not very confident for much here in Boone. Maybe a token inch or two. Gonna be cold though. Sent from my SM-G930R7 using Tapatalk
  15. The EPS improvement was already mentioned but here's a side-by-side of individual members for Boone. Really significant increase in both mean and "big" members.
  16. Need that LP to be up on the coast instead of visiting Daytona a couple months early for the 500.
  17. The "meh" 12z Euro run still spits out 4-5" for the Boone area with 15+:1 ratios. Considering we've only seen an inch so far that would be a nice improvement.
  18. This has been a depressing collapse to watch up here. EPS from the 29th vs today.
  19. Just got home and a coming down nicely in Blowing Rock. Started about 2 miles down the mountain. Starting to get a light dusting on the grass but the wind is kicking it up pretty good.
  20. Getting excited about the prospects tomorrow night/Friday. I'm down in G'burg with the GF who's up from 'Bama. Hoping she can see some flurries up on Newfound before she starts back south tomorrow. Looking like a fun after-dark drive home for me.
  21. 12z Euro looks really good as well. Hopefully we keep this look and snag something. Euro also tries to start off as ZR here Sunday morning and drops 1/4" before we go barely above freezing. Doubtful we see any of that but worth watching I guess. Certainly nothing else to keep an eye on ha.
  22. It's snowed several times at my house. Nothing significant but snow nonetheless. How many times have you seen some?
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