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  1. Bread guy said it was starting some in Boone. Wind has picked up a bunch and cold here west of town.
  2. I'm interested to see how this clipper works out this afternoon. NAM is a quick couple inches for the mountains. Certainly looks healthy back west.
  3. It's not illegal to ski on. People do it all the time. Just don't block a gate and no motorized vehicles. I've hiked many a mile on the road in the snow. Got a nice coating of snow on the cars and grass here. Had flizzard conditions a couple times between Boone and the house a few minutes ago.
  4. Got snowed on at the viaduct this evening. Made it up on the Parkway after work. The section from 181 to Flat Rock was surprisingly open. Couple pics from the trip.
  5. Little hard to see in the photo but from Vilas looking up the hill. No ice here at the store but the glazing starts a hundred yards up towards the bypass. Always amazing cutoffs right through here. Also better house pic.
  6. Bad photo. Maybe a quarter to a third of an inch here. Went above freezing around 3am which has melted some off.
  7. My driveway was already nearly impossible to walk on when I got home. Solid glaze on everything. Gonna be a long night.
  8. Not really. I think we'll go to sleet but I doubt snow for very long. Some spots north of town up towards lansing/whitetop probably have a better chance for staying snow longer. I expect most folks west of town to go to rain at some point too if Boone itself doesn't. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised by a few inches of white in the morning though.
  9. I've seen some sleet pellets and snowflakes mix in. Not much yet. Coming down decent at Walmart right now.
  10. Don't know if it can be believed but the last HRRR is a primarily snow event for Boone with some brief swaps to sleet/zr. Narrow zone of zr/ip in the southern mountains along the best CAD zones. Anybody know how it's handling thermals currently? I seem to recall it showing this before and failing miserably.
  11. 12z 3k NAM would be a mess along the escarpment assuming those qpf values verified. Worth noting it greatly overdid those areas last month and the cutoff on the other side wasn't nearly as significant as it modeled either.
  12. Yep solid dusting already. Few slick spots this morning but they're out putting salt down.
  13. 0z gfs/fv3 are a half inch or less of qpf for most of this thread through 18z Sunday. The 3km NAM is exceptionally dry outside the favored upslope areas where it is well known to overdo amounts (it was 1"+ too high along the escarpment in the northern mountains during the last event).
  14. 3km NAM barely gets any precip into WNC through 60. Outlier but its usually the wettest model.
  15. The gfs is really the only model showing a good storm. Euro and fv3 are unimpressive though the euro is around a quarter inch of ice with a couple inches of snow for a large portion of us.
  16. 12z gfs is a solid event. Seeing more eps members with bigger totals overnight too. Mean jumped an inch from 3 to 4 for Boone.
  17. Next weekends potential definitely looks nice. Would love for it to slow down a day for personal purposes but anything is welcome after the recent flood.
  18. 12z fv3 with a quick thump on Thursday for most of us. Won't be much. EPS hinting at something around the 9th too. Fun times ahead soon no doubt.
  19. Yeah we're all snow. Not sticking but I had somebody call out already because they're "snowed in" lol. Gotta love it.
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