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  1. You see the wind through the objects which move
  2. Branford. Almost got blown over a railing. I have video I'll upload and post later
  3. This is some of the strongest winds I've ever seen
  4. Holy crap....had to gust 55-60 there. WOW
  5. yeah I'd watch those cells. Isaias is shifting east so the threat is moving through CT into RI over next hour
  6. Nice area of blue sky with sun poking through...yikes with that LLJ overhead
  7. Tornado warning near higganum
  8. Very nasty couplet NE of Springs on LI
  9. Over 75K w/o power in CT per NBC30
  10. sun poking out with a wind driven shower
  11. FWIW models have the LLJ max traverse CT for a solid 4-5 hours.
  12. actually seeing some peaks of blue sky with sun trying to poke through.
  13. Latest HRRR still has 50-60 knots across CT with pockets of 65-70 moving through over the next 2 hours.
  14. They've been going solid in NJ for about that long. the core of the LLJ just getting here now. Maybe 4 a bit long but I would think at least a good 3 hours of this.
  16. This is going to be a bit more than a few hours. NJ still getting very strong gusts. Probably looking at 3-4 hours
  17. Cells south of LI are very nasty. Just had a big gust of wind here in Branford
  18. certainly a possibility given ingredients.
  19. wow...I thought I heard some pretty strong gusts. Well let the show begin
  20. near Great Barrington too
  21. power outages climbing on Long Island
  22. Getting quite gusty in Branford.
  23. Looks like one of those cells may pass very close to ISP...see what they report
  24. looks like a training line of low-topped supercells south of Long Island. Think 10% TOR should have been expanded or pushed east to cover southern CT.