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  1. The lighting is insane. The entire western aky is lighting up at 3.30 in the afternoon
  2. Its starting to build toward the south a bit. Might be headed my way
  3. I was in the pool and i had a stike pretty close. Had to get out
  4. Yea i washed a couple things in th yard and the water just puddled. So water logged here
  5. For sure that's why looking at regional averages is better vs a localized record. When trying to make sense of the data
  6. These numbers are so localized though. I had 7.5+ inches in queens in an afternoon in aug 2011
  7. Yes people are so dumb. I rem libs freaking out because people on the beach in FL. That was the safest place to be. I mean no one has common sense.
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