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  1. Wakefield issues watches for the Shore. URGENT - WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service Wakefield VA 329 PM EDT Mon Mar 19 2018 MDZ021>025-200330- /O.NEW.KAKQ.WS.A.0002.180321T1000Z-180322T0300Z/ Dorchester-Wicomico-Somerset-Inland Worcester-Maryland Beaches- Including the cities of Cambridge, Salisbury, Crisfield, Princess Anne, Snow Hill, and Ocean City 329 PM EDT Mon Mar 19 2018 ...WINTER STORM WATCH IN EFFECT FROM WEDNESDAY MORNING THROUGH WEDNESDAY EVENING... * WHAT...Heavy snow possible. Total snow accumulations of 3 to 5 inches are possible. * WHERE...Dorchester, Wicomico, Somerset, Inland Worcester County and the Maryland Beaches. * WHEN...From Wednesday morning through Wednesday evening. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Plan on difficult travel conditions, including during the evening commute on Wednesday. Significant reductions in visibility are possible.
  2. LWX has an interesting task ahead of them for this update irt which advisories to issue given the trends and temperature uncertainty with a boatload of QPF incoming.
  3. LWX's probability maps (update just before 5PM) are whack right now. 54% of 2" or more in DC; 38% of 4" or more; 26% of half a foot and 16% of 8" with a cute 5% chance of a foot. heh
  4. Reason 6383 I hate TWC: telling friends with travel plans about this storm, getting inevitable response of " says only an inch or two with mostly rain"
  5. Thanks ;). Then you Amtrak to Boston?
  6. Yeah if I need to tonight. I might move to 1:30 PM tomorrow, winds shouldn't be bad yet.
  7. I've never been this unsure if I should move my flight... getting into BOS at 3 PM Sun from CLT (layover from MEM). Like I should be fine... But in the off chance I'm not I could be stuck til Tuesday soo
  8. I've never been this unsure if I should move my flight... getting into BOS at 3 PM Sun from CLT (layover from MEM). Like I should be fine... But in the off chance I'm not I could be stuck til Tuesday soo
  9. I land in Boston (from CLT) on Sunday 3 PM. oof
  10. For those of you who are more familiar with airports around here and snow, what are the odds that a 9 AM flight from BOS to LGA (then 11:30 AM LGA--MEM) is on tomorrow?
  11. Just love the band right now and how it's just hanging out. Thoughts on odds as to whether a 9 AM flight tomorrow from BOS---LGA (then MEM) is cancelled?
  12. Even more than most systems, people just aren't that aware of this storm coming. I know it's Boston but I think it's a mix of the relative surprise here combined with it not being a 12"+ areawide event plus weekend. A surprise bullseye could be pretty close to BOS, EURO looking like that'll be possible
  13. I wonder if this conservativeness is a function of predicting pretty much nothing yesterday and even early today for some mets. 4-8" sounds moderate, but if they said 6-12" right now it seems like more of a bust. 4-8" to 6-12" (will be the forecast later) seems like a progression of small jumps. The TV mets know that many in this area have nearly zero chance of getting 4 inches out of this
  14. 16.75" in Pikesville Just went on a very long walk. Days like this make our obsessive model watching for weeks that nobody else really understands so so worth it
  15. Just waking up after a surprising 3.5 hours of sleep. How's baltimore lookin?
  16. DCA and BWI both at 9" as of 3 AM. IAD hit 11".
  17. Up to 4.5" here down the road from Mt. Washington. Looks like we will add to this nicely in the next 2 hours.
  18. Similar in Pikesville. 2.5" or so.Edit: started to pick up in last 20 minutes or so, though
  19. Ha, I remember you from these boards during our craziness last year . Meant that DC/Baltimore could break the Boston all-time record with this storm (27.5"). Looks like y'all could get more than previously expected too, though? At least in SNE?
  20. Also, kind of amazing that the storm has started and we have a legitimate chance to break the all-time Baltimore, DC, and even Boston snow records here.