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  1. Also, kind of amazing that the storm has started and we have a legitimate chance to break the all-time Baltimore, DC, and even Boston snow records here.
  2. Picked up some "Sweet Baby Jesus" porter. Haven't tried it before. Pretty tasty.
  3. Flurries have begun in Pikesville. HERE WE GO
  4. Sort of, I'm only in boston for school and am from here and still have family down here, so sitting in boston and living vicariously through you all would have been pretty damn depressing.
  5. Still waiting in Pikesville. Shouldn't be too long now.
  6. Also, now that's its snowing in DC, think Caps game still going to go on at 5?
  7. Tony is really good at responding to tweets to him, even though im a bit confused how hes seeing things so different than we are
  8. After an incredible week of model watching, we've got our last major run coming up until we enter nowcasting mode, at least to a degree. Been a fun ride so far.
  9. Oh yeah. One of the few times we don't need to root for an exact solution to occur. It feels nice.
  10. Anyone else (mets or non-met weathernerds like me) feel like their credibility among non-weather people is kind of riding on this thing not busting
  11. Everyone is like "I hope it's not as bad as expected" and I'm like ARE YOU ALL ****ING CRAZY
  12. A few hours out and the "most likely" snowfall is the largest snow in nearly a hundred years Need to write a ten page term paper before this thing starts
  13. BWI: 26.1 IAD: 29.2 DCA: 22.1 RIC: 13.4 Tiebreaker: (Peak mph wind gust at DCA): 49 MPH
  14. The former. It was stuck at 12 hours for a while but I think it's coming in now.
  15. EURO is confused by this much snow so decided to just ragequit
  16. Every single run the last four days I think is just getting silly And it keeps coming
  17. Sorry if Already posted, but government closing at 12 PM tomorrow
  18. So I just met half these people, and I'm introduced by friends as here from harvard law school. Anyway, I said "you do realize this could be the biggest storm in your lifetime in baltimore" and felt more pretentious than I ever have...
  19. Went to see friends at a bar in fed hill Someone "heard" there will only be 6 inches of snow now. Heh
  20. I've been pretty disappointed with him this storm. He hasn't had any "hunches" or insight that have actually come true. Usually he's one of the better ones, despite the RPM reliance.
  21. I think WBAL literally thinks the RPM is the only model that exists sometimes.
  22. Anyone know if the WMATA shut down post 9/11? I think this is longest in history...
  23. Literally laughed out loud. Storms like this bring out the 14 year old nerd side of me pretty nicely.
  24. Really glad I'm not the only crazy one who flew here to get stuck in the storm . Safe travels.
  25. Baltimore City Schools also closed. It's the right call.