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  1. I think the main post... which was an hour ago, haha
  2. I'm in law school up here but heading home to Pikesville tomorrow for this. My baby sister (senior in HS) is asking me if there's "any chance at all" that school will be closed Friday or Monday. Oh man, if any of this pans out I would be surprised if they have school any day at all next week.
  3. Philly meteorologist on Twitter. He seems to be engaging in some "HOW COULD THIS BE TRUE" speculation.
  4. Not to rain on the parade, but Masco saying there may have been a feedback error and the low may be too far north during transfer to coast
  5. This is going to be an insane run for an area 30 miles south of DC to Baltimore.
  6. At this point, probably silly to take models seriously regarding where the deform bands will be, but a great sign that there will be deform bands like this somewhere, right? Great run so far Baltimore and south.
  7. This makes sense, but we've seen a shift NW (in the limited instances we've seen dynamic systems) this winter as well.
  8. I think the model consensus would be starting in DC around 8-10 AM Friday and ending like early Saturday evening? Which is an insane 36+ hours
  9. Here's the CWG post:
  10. Won't the ratio be 7-1 (or less if sleet) only for a short period of time, with average (10:1) ratios at start and above average ratios for the final 12-18 hours with high rates at times..?
  11. Not a met - can someone explain to me how this slight change in track and phasing correlates with a (somewhat; relatively) significantly warmer temp in parts at around hours 96-102? Doesn't make much sense to me, and makes me think the GFS has something off here.
  12. Lol, looks like a tiny spot even hits 4' just west of Gettysburg
  13. Not much a change in GFS -- little (insignificantly) faster, maybe
  14. Here comes the EURO. If this thing somehow unlikely trends decently west, then we've got a real clusterf*ck to deal with.
  15. ...Did this run initialize poorly like it did 24 hours ago or something? Right when we thought sleep at a normal hour was a possibility..
  16. Yeah, did NAM initialize/run weird or something? Yes it's the NAM, but still...
  17. I guess he's defining "first" as "a week ago before the hurricane existed."
  18. Not so sure about that actually. Should probably take this to the other thread, but not sure if we can assume closer to 15:1 with this system.
  19. What's the best way to post videos on this forum? Have a great one from sunset overlooking the Charles tonight.