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  1. This trend is nice. Realistically this could be a borderline warning/advisory event for just north of Boston and south.
  2. Not so sure about that actually. Should probably take this to the other thread, but not sure if we can assume closer to 15:1 with this system.
  3. What's the best way to post videos on this forum? Have a great one from sunset overlooking the Charles tonight.
  4. I know so many people who legitimately hate the snow now, and they don't have legitimate daycare and such excuses. Something I just won't ever understand.
  5. Just spent two hours outside. I am just in awe. Amazing. Getting dangerously cold right now and had to go in, but just amazing. Took a ridiculous video of the wind and snow coming off the frozen Charles. Will probably never see anything like this again.
  6. Based on our luck over the last 3 weeks, I'm fully expecting this to ride up the coast and stall, giving us blizzard conditions and 2.5 feet of snow in Boston.
  7. I feel like after this winter they will make major changes to it, which will mean months more of construction and non-normalcy. Hope they can get it to normal before the AL playoffs start, in case the Sox can make it?
  8. Walsh meeting about T status tomorrow and Tuesday. Looking likely tomorrow becomes another day off for those in school and not off for the holiday. Craziness
  9. IMO don't see much classic stalling, but see a nice 4-7 hours for much of EMA
  10. I'm there too, was about to sleep but went to a bar by h square instead to wait it out.
  11. Powder keg. Things gonna explode in the next bit.
  12. As someone new to this sub-board, I think that's fair, but I also think some of the posts (by him and a few others) earlier this afternoon were condescending, obnoxious, and rather unnecessary. He knows his stuff, way better than me and probably way better than 99% of people here, but still possible to straddle the jerk line category.
  13. Could be a random lolli of 16"+ and some crazy stories if that verifies.
  14. Snowfall totals are going to verify, and perhaps be higher in some places, if radar, what has fallen, and where the low seems to be ready to explode are any indication, particularly north of BOS. A few people will get extremely lucky. The couple people clogging this thread with the nonstop overly annoying gloom and doom will say they were correct because of where the low or convective bands or *anything* actually set up, but forecast wise, it's going to be a nice storm and the BOX map from earlier this morning is going to verify. Have fun y'all
  15. New BOX warning for Boston area has 8-12 inches as the total. No change to timing.
  16. Yeah, sorry about that, must have been a cached issue related to the URL.
  17. The map from this morning had 10-14 for most of E Mass, with 14-18 in the far NE.
  18. Box cuts back on totals about 2 inches across the board.