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  1. I know so many people who legitimately hate the snow now, and they don't have legitimate daycare and such excuses. Something I just won't ever understand.
  2. Just spent two hours outside. I am just in awe. Amazing. Getting dangerously cold right now and had to go in, but just amazing. Took a ridiculous video of the wind and snow coming off the frozen Charles. Will probably never see anything like this again.
  3. I feel like after this winter they will make major changes to it, which will mean months more of construction and non-normalcy. Hope they can get it to normal before the AL playoffs start, in case the Sox can make it?
  4. Walsh meeting about T status tomorrow and Tuesday. Looking likely tomorrow becomes another day off for those in school and not off for the holiday. Craziness
  5. As someone new to this sub-board, I think that's fair, but I also think some of the posts (by him and a few others) earlier this afternoon were condescending, obnoxious, and rather unnecessary. He knows his stuff, way better than me and probably way better than 99% of people here, but still possible to straddle the jerk line category.
  6. Possibly the heaviest snow of the storm yet in Cambridge.
  7. I love how all the TV Mets say stuff like "going to get worse" and "the worst part is coming" and "unfortunately, only going to get heavier".... when actually inside they are like
  8. CNN just said, from NYC, "we have 24 hours of snow left! If we get half an inch an hour, that's 12 inches! If we get an inch an hour, which is likely, thats 24 additional inches here, and maybe more!"
  9. Sexy bands of snow incoming in the next hour or two. Liquor store guy said no stores or restaurants are allowed to be open tomorrow. Liquor store seems to be nearing out of stock territory.
  10. Not that it really matters, but interesting that Taunton's update to the Blizzard Warning has Boston at 1-2 feet+, while NYC east back up to 20-30 inches+. Incredible discussion though. Just incredible.
  11. Someone in the triangle between Boston Worcester and Prov is going to exceed three feet. Unreal.
  12. Out of curiosity, why does the deformation band often set up in central/potentially western as opposed to eastern mass? Been pretty surprised by the relative model consistency on this.
  13. Don't think I've ever seen output like that for a storm 18 hours out from a major model. Insane for NJ North.
  14. We sure the NAM initialized correctly? Lol at 50.8 inches over LI, quite the deformation here
  15. If this thing jogs east, NYC thread is going to be a sad, sad place