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  1. Odds are good BOS breaks the record with this one.
  2. GFS says we've got a chance to be #1 in a few days
  3. Let's give BOS another inch, creep to that record, put next week in play to break it
  4. So what did the airport receive? Morning all.
  5. Always a good sign to step away for 45 minutes and see several more pages. Always.
  6. Yeah. My only surprise with the BOX maps is the maximum map -- having exactly 6.0 pretty much everywhere is perhaps on the lower end for cape/south shore
  7. I'm feeling a bust on the high side, at least from the 2-4 inch forecast.
  8. Family in Baltimore County and City. Apparently the roads are a joke there. Took a friend three hours to go 7 miles on 695, and people are starting to abandon their cars and just walk. Yep, we handle snow better than they do.
  9. Also, OT, but it was -9 at BDL this morning. Crazy.
  10. BOX put a new map on Facebook upping totals a bit (BOS 4-6, etc.)
  11. I just want to get a few more inches to the total, so that every moderate storm after this gives us the chance to unseat #1.
  12. ah, I thought the question was about the snow maps. Thanks!
  13. Advisories being issued with the afternoon update for 1 PM tomorrow to 1 PM Sunday.
  14. Yep. We won't get there this weekend, but the closer we get to 107.6" the better. Certainly possible we could crack that in the next 7 days. And yeah, let's blow it out of the water. One of those records where the #2 doesn't even come close to #1.
  15. Checking in from Boston, was in this subforum the past few years (and on EasternWX) but moved up to New England this year. Congrats on this one, guys, looking better and better and y'all deserve a nice snow more than anyone.
  16. Took the day off from looking at anything to catch up on school stuff. Come back here and see many more pages... anybody mind tl;dring me the last 12 hours?
  17. Anybody see any snow reports out of Logan?
  18. Some nice light snow in Cambridge. I bet this winter is crowned #2 today.
  19. This cycle of big storm weekend/Monday and little storm 2 or 3 days later is getting just silly at this point
  20. This thing too could have some surprises in store...