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  1. biggest ice storm of the season
  2. wow, look at the position of that low. And we still can't get it to snow. #WinterIsBroken
  3. over one inch of ice! hope that was a typo. otherwise, better find some candles and prepare to lose power for days
  4. Agree with weighing seasonal trends. This is looking very familiar to the 1st storm of the winter (way back in mid-December) for my backyard. 1-2 inches of snow then a mess. Probably less rain this time which would be an improvement.
  5. yikes, that's what I figured. Thanks for sharing!
  6. NAM snow maps must not have been very good, or not out yet?
  7. you may also want to consider the Adirondacks. We have a place in Lake Pleasant and the region is beautiful. Not as much lake effect snow but probably get more from coastals.
  8. 4 pm Temp on Monday, 2/15 DCA - 42 DFW - 22 DEN - 20 Low temperature for Tuesday, 2/16 DCA - 31 DFW - 7 DEN - 3
  9. back edge approaching on radar already
  10. Thanks for sharing this. Curious is the FNO the ICON? What's the CFSR? Thanks
  11. yeah congrats I suppose. Another 40 inch winter looking likely for them. Meanwhile think DCA broke an inch today?
  12. good bit of sleet mixing in with light snow now. game over.
  13. 2.00 inches in Fairfax. Hasn't accumulated much in past two hours. Starting to think 3" might be a reach.
  14. reminding me of a storm late Jan 2004 - Miller B - think we ended up with 2-3 inches around beltway but was supposed to be close to a foot
  15. me too, I would never complain about 3-6 but worried this is now headed towards a complete Miller B screw job where we get an inch and then watch clouds
  16. yes, that's what I'm wondering/worrying about too
  17. so it sounds like the Atlantic blocking has at least delivered for Europe!
  18. is the control run the same as the mean?
  19. Good observation. I was wondering the same exact thing re: the height lines?
  20. finally backedge about to come through on radar. Just in time to retain some slush puddles overnight maybe
  21. just flipped to sleet Fairfax/GMU area - 1.5 inches before the switch
  22. We never want to be on the southern edge of the heavy snow 4-5 days out. Always better to pull for the north trend. But never felt confident about this one. Bright side is even the local ski areas should do pretty well so maybe can be open for business in time for X-mas!