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  1. The Panic Room--Winter 2017-2018

    watching the NYC radar returns all morning, to add even more bile to the 1/2 inch we got. total nukeage. Somehow they get in on everyone's snow, even Florida's
  2. thanks for posting this, very interesting
  3. February Medium/Long Range Discussion Thread

    this is great, thanks so much for the explanation! learn something new everyday on these boards.
  4. February Medium/Long Range Discussion Thread

    "Our old friend the WAR is back." What is the WAR? And thanks for this interesting discussion!
  5. August 2015 Obs and Disco

    DCA will still manage to pop a 90 degree high before the showers move in.
  6. not to digress too much but from discussion of yesterday's storm, but it reminds me of the Nov. 1987 storm where we managed to get heavy snow and high precip.rates overcoming marginal surface temperatures. IMagine these were different set ups but any key differences that explain the differing outcomes?
  7. Contest - February Snowfall at DCA-IAD-BWI

    DCA: 1.8 IAD: 3.4 BWI: 4.0 RIC: 2.5
  8. July 9-20 2012 Obs and Discussion

    DCA already 87 at noon - so much for not hitting 90 this week