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  1. light snow foggy bottom even though radar not showing much
  2. 6 inches from first part (measured 9am yesterday) plus 2.5 inches yesterday/evening - storm total of 8.5, Fairfax/GMU
  3. interesting. when did the euro start running at 0600 and 1800? as reliable as the normal runs?
  4. Ha, this is exactly right and was about to say the same thing!
  5. is the GEPS based off the euro? or completely separate data? THANKS
  6. watching the NYC radar returns all morning, to add even more bile to the 1/2 inch we got. total nukeage. Somehow they get in on everyone's snow, even Florida's
  7. this is great, thanks so much for the explanation! learn something new everyday on these boards.
  8. "Our old friend the WAR is back." What is the WAR? And thanks for this interesting discussion!
  9. DCA will still manage to pop a 90 degree high before the showers move in.