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  1. Can watch the snow coming down the hill towards the camera location around 2200'
  2. Laughing at a moron shouldn't be political. The problem is that politics has neutered these people's ability to think.
  3. Ouch. Those look like stick built homes. Found the spot in Spring City.
  4. A shanty town is definitely a bad place to be for a storm like that. I was able to figure out where the first 40 secs of the flight was from some landmarks and they show damage at "The Mudd" Here's a pic of what I guess is are some typical homes in that area. Not a big surprise they failed entirely. The more modern looking buildings in the video looked very survivable for the most part. Hopefully people were able to get out of the shanty town but I assume there were casualties there.
  5. Someone didn't like the post you quoted, barely lasted a minute.
  6. I like Josh and he has no idea who I am and hope he's fine. Seems like it would be pretty easy to just have a separate storm chaser discussion thread and put all the stuff there. Obviously people are interested in it and it's off topic for the main thread.
  7. Where did you come up with 140 mph? Huge difference between 85-110 and 140. 140 mph is extremely destructive even for well constructed buildings.
  8. Good chance for the birds traveling in the eye to rest and recuperate for a bit here tonight.
  9. Yeah, I have family and have been vacationing on that barrier island just South of Palm Beach for the better part of my life. Some of my earliest memories there were my dad showing me the remnants of A1A that had been washed out by the 1947 Ft. Lauderdale hurricane. I feel like a storm like this could move enough sand and destroy enough buildings to move it again. The other thing besides susceptibility to surge is just how ridiculously expensive many of the properties are. Driving up or down A1A is just an endless display of money. Here's a sample stretch I picked out from Zillow. Looks like that 1947 storm took a very similar track through the Bahamas with no last second turn to save the coast. Of course it was much weaker than Dorian.
  10. I wonder what the difference in billions of dollars is between the far left of the cone and the far right.
  11. No. He posted information that I believe to be incorrect and I posted the reasoning/data why I disagree. Your post is the one that shouldn't have happened. You seem drunk making multiple mistakes in just 9 words.
  12. Nice sunset from the parking garage at Logan last night.
  13. If this thing hits FL it's going to be a major black eye for forecasters. Accuracy has not been great from any outlet on this thus far. I think it's concerning how insistent forecasters are about this turn in an environment that appears to have very week steering. I believe that is the best forecast, but I'm not sure how much confidence to place in it.
  14. Damn, that is a hell of a storm. Goodbye Abaco.
  15. Part of me is annoyed how much we worry about maximum wind speeds and the other part feels ripped off that this isn't a 5.
  16. 7 members browsing the main thread. That's a pretty good indicator to put a fork in it. I have a hard time winding down after getting into tracking.
  17. I wonder if we finally have a decent forecast of forward speed. Seems like it has been much slower than expected for awhile now. NHC better be confident in the curve track, it's going to be ugly if SE FL has to get back in the cone.