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  1. Don't sell it short. Have it loop back out to sea and hit it again as a cat 6 a few days later.
  2. I think your climate change post was the highlight of the day so far.
  4. @dendrite that Tornado warning has got to be near your parent's place iirc
  5. This must really suck for people spending their Saturday night camping out over quite a large area.
  6. Couple of strikes close enough to hear but still dry. Almost completely still out there.
  7. Sunapee has a good rep for snowmaking and grooming in NH too. For people who want predictable corduroy surfaces on cruising trails it is good.
  8. That's pretty exciting in terms of season's passes. I've got local day/night covered (Crotched/Sunapee). Weekender type places in Mt. Snow, Attitash/Wildcat, and Stowe, and then Vacation worthy places out west. Last time I was in S. Lake Tahoe I only went to Heavenly a couple days because the day ticket rate is so high and it was hard to find any vouchers (and the snow conditions sucked).
  9. Interesting piece. They are arguing that the loss of the Woolly Mammoth and other large animals in that area caused forest growth which traps heat and helps melt permafrost.
  10. Ticks are the worst here. Just had one on my leg while getting the charcoal grill going, enjoyed tossing him in the fire.
  11. No need to apologize. It's not at all traumatic for me to recall that.
  12. I rented a hunting cabin for the winter in VT back in the 90's and one night all alone I passed out and fell on the floor, when I came to I was able to drag myself out the front door. Once I hit the fresh air I was feeling fine pretty fast. I'm pretty sure it was CO poisoning from a wood stove fire that wasn't venting well. Probably as close to death as I've ever been. Hadn't thought about that in a long time, but this chat obviously triggered that memory.
  13. Got an ultra-heavy rain burst there right after my last post. Winds and lightning did not happen tho.
  14. You'd think I was getting crushed from the radar, but not much going on. Light rain and winds and no lightning.
  15. Nice heavy t-shower with a sprinkle of hail.
  16. 2.75" here also. Snowfall rate has slowed down considerably now.
  17. Freezing rain coming down decently.
  18. Tiny flakes coming down hard. Looks pretty bad on the road, people were pushing to get up the hill outside my house.
  19. Better funnel cloud pic than lots of real ones there.