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  1. came here just to post the clown map from 12z. Obviously I'm all in on this solution. is 18z similar?
  2. Does this storm have an unusually large stadium effect around a tiny eye?
  3. Decent squall going on here. Quick coating.
  4. Am I crazy or is this much more common than adjusting eastward? Seems like almost every storm has a predicted turn to the north that gets postponed many times.
  5. If you're going to harass a chaser it should probably be Jeff Piotrowski. (edit: please move to banter thread, didn't mean to have it here)
  6. Inner structure looks pretty disorganized on satellite for a 130mph 954mb. Is the eye so small that it's difficult to see at that resolution or something else?
  7. I can see how people find it upsetting that we're essentially rooting for the strongest possible storm to make landfall in the most heavily populated area. That debate would do better in it's own thread or FAQ or whatever so we don't have to repeat it every time, it never really changes, we've seen all the arguments already.
  8. Friend of FB asked a question and I don't know the answer. Anyone have a meteorological explanation? Or is it just coincidence?
  9. "145 Downtown.." "Stop calling me." Cannot believe he didn't use Do not disturb mode or just turn the damn thing off.
  10. Some folks are really wedded to their SEASON CANCELLED takes from three days ago I think he decided that he wanted to film there but decided it was unsafe so he switched to another SUV and went to a safer place. I really don't know for sure though, I didn't hear him say what he was doing or why.
  11. Woke up thinking.. "140-145 DOWNTOWN" I think Jeff Piotrowski said it 100 times before melting down over phone calls and not putting it on DND for some reason. Glad Reed Timmer provided a better look and without commentary once he ditched the vehicle on his stream.
  12. Doesn't seem like that crazy a call to me. NHC forecast now has it peak at 145 so just a small error in that and we're cat 5.
  13. Offering an easy solution. Thanks for the link btw.
  14. Hurricane names 2020-
  15. I don't give a damn and will call it whatever people want. Maybe go after the NHC for giving "it" a female gender name. They have the lead on this. Name it Laura and people will talk about it as if it's female.
  16. I'm thinking per storm basis not the entire season. I recall this used to get discussed a decent amount.
  17. Anyone got a link to ACE numbers for this storm and historical storms? My links are out of date and it's not an obvious google.
  18. Does anyone have a link for a tool that shows storm tracks of historical storms that tracked through the same area as the current storm? I used to get that map on wunderground but it seems they got rid of it. edit: Found one that is pretty close to what I was looking for.
  19. Called my buddy in Orange and he started experiencing white out rain while we were on the line. Those storms looked pretty intense and 2 in a row.
  20. just note that with a portable generator it may not be easy to get it to where the input for the house if there is a bunch of snow or it's in an inconvenient place. Make sure you don't put it somewhere where it will cause a carbon monoxide problem in the house. Also those 220v wires you'll use to connect the generator to that are expensive, so it will cost you to have a longer one to work around that. When I moved in my house was wired already for that stuff, but the spot sucks for rolling out the portable generator especially if there is snowpack. Ideally you want a standby whole home generator running on natural gas. I have had my eye on a system like that for awhile but it is really hard pull the trigger on it when other home projects are more urgent.
  21. Yep, these are great. I have a cheaper "sportsman" 1k watt inverter that has plenty to power my PC and monitor (via my sine wave ups) and also speakers and a fan. It starts easily, runs quietly and reliably so far, and sips gas. I have a larger generator that I use much less. It's harder to start, noisy, and uses gas fast. Also it doesn't have an inverter so my UPS won't charge off of it. For most short outages just getting those few things working with a small inverter generator is plenty.
  22. Yup, widespread damage and likely complete destruction of the power distribution system. Losing those big lines means that even when things are repaired locally there's still no power. It takes a huge amount of labor and materials to get things back all the way. We were out for around a month after Charley but that storm hit a very localized area with better preparedness and much lower population and population density than coastal NE.