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  1. 58 here in Bow NH.. Snow is going fast.
  2. Taking a break from clearing the driveway. One of the worst to clean up. It's solid underneath with just a little snow on top. Two passes and there's still about 1/2" ice left.
  3. Confirmed, heard the rumbling.. Watched for awhile but no more after that. It's like the tiniest flakes ever now with a bit of ip mixed in.
  4. If I believe the CC product snow is right on my doorstep.. Close to 100% IP at the moment. 32 still, sadly no greater temp resolution or dp as a sensor is down!
  5. Looks like I've gone over to mostly rain or zr.. 32 was mostly pinging a few mins ago but just some stray ip's in there now
  6. 100% IP.. light accumulation temp 33
  7. Melted down to the grass here. Enjoy your pack guys.
  8. Found these cams recently: Looks ok on 93.
  9. Wow, I have 8" + 2". Less than 10mi from anywhere in Hooksett.
  10. That 2-4 tonight and 1-2 they have for me tonight into tomorrow isn't happening is it?
  11. My HS was supper stingy on the snow days until they got in trouble with the fire dept. for failing to clear snow from exits, then they called it off for just about any snow. My Sr. year 92-93' had a bunch of snow days thanks to that policy and a good winter (in E. MA).
  12. I've never seen you without your hat. Still think of that avatar when I see you post.
  13. 6.5" now so a touch over 2" per hour rate on average.. It was snowing harder in the first 15 min of that vs. the 2nd. Totally believe the MHT 4" hr based on that, they've had a better look on radar than me for awhile.
  14. Lazy pic from my webcam. LED I put out there does cool strobe effects on each flake.
  15. just measured 5.5" here, it's snowing hard at the moment
  16. Yup, these larger storms often have some kind of surprise. My favorite is double the snow but the most common one is pingfest showing up early.
  17. I just go in circles around the house inside to out with side discharge mower. Leaves end up in the woods and no raking or bagging.
  18. Decent clap of thunder just now. Sounded like something frozen hitting the window for a minute there too but I don't know.. It's 45 out there.