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  1. It's like shoveling glass and small amounts of baby powder. It's surprisingly light and not terribly heavy
  2. The only person that can be more confusing than Ji is Typhoon Tip
  3. Pretty much every day is 50 or above in D.C after the 22nd on TWC
  4. Bust after bust after bust after bust and I still manage to inch my way literally to double digit snow totals for the season. I'm done with winter. Thankfully warmer temps are just around the corner
  5. Scraff might as well just start a dammed brewery business. I would buy his beer
  6. 25 new items to view. In just 15 seconds. We must be getting a HECS, can someone tell me when the blizzard warnings will be issued? Oh wait
  7. Already starting to see signs of the back edge
  8. I see folks are protective of their snow tonight.
  9. So far I like the trends today for this storm. I will be happy with 1-3''. That's what I expect here anyway. Anything more is a bonus
  10. This is a weenie panel at hour 48. 12z GFS. Blue is snow, green is rain, pink is sleet and that other pink is freezy rain
  11. When red line cross blue 0C line it mean rain. If red line never cross blue 0C line then it mean snow fall.
  12. Watch us get NAM'd with a foot of snow, then someone starts a thread after the entire 00z suite and the rug gets pulled at 6z.
  13. Terrible. An administrator breaking the site's rules!
  14. Whoa. Don't start a thread until it starts snowing. We don't want to jinx another event, like whoa guys
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