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  1. Nothing ever goes wrong in the Mid-Atlantic for snow!
  2. The reaper effect. The panic room will be busy for the first time all winter.
  3. Really? What's wrong with that place? Edit: I get the sarcasm
  4. Fort Lauderdale looking pretty warm for February standards. Highs near the mid-80s for the rest of the week in Davie, which is the town west of Fort Lauderdale that I will be moving to.
  5. It's time we get rid of this La Nina. Here is this blowtorch I have right here which will be used to warm up the Pacific ocean so La Nina is gone once and for all
  6. This will be the new "how much for philly" How much for short pump?
  7. But when we finally do get a Nino the atmosphere acts like a Nina. Oh well. At least in fort lauderdale i won't need to worry anymore
  8. Things I learned this winter: Never expect good snows other than the occasional 3-4 inch storm or less, in a La Nina, no matter how good the pattern may look up top, in the Delmarva
  9. My profile picture will be a model run in a few days
  10. Lol. It's the internet, which is a terrible place if you want to decipher people's moods based off of their posts. or maybe i suck at taking hints?
  11. Does anyone have the 12z euro snow totals for Short Pump?
  12. Now I see why there are instructions on shampoo bottles.
  13. Well that sucks. Just move over here to the eastern shore. We usually have better luck when it comes to snow. Ain't that right @CAPE
  14. You are going to get a more expansive precip shield with these jet dynamics.
  15. This is easily the cloudiest winter in a long time. And tomorrow is going to be the only "partially" sunny day until probably next monday.
  16. Seen snow fall more than 3 times this winter, shoveled it once. After a couple of times you lose interest
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